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interlocking EVA jigsaw mats

New Shipment of EVA Mats – 5th December

We have just received a new shipment of EVA interlocking jigsaw mats. The mats arrived from China this morning from our factory. The mats are now in our warehouse and are ready for dispatch. You can purchase the mats from our online store or by calling us direct.

The mats which arrived today are:

  • 20mm black / red jigsaw mats
  • 30mm red / blue jigsaw mats
  • 30mm black / red jigsaw mats
  • 40mm black / red jigsaw mats

We have 40mm mats black/grey in stock also.

We also have a container arriving next Monday with:

  • 40mm black / grey jigsaw mats
  • 40mm blue / red jigsaw mats 

Contact EzyMats today for a quote or purchase.