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Hand Sanitiser Available For Your Gym

Ezy Mats Now Has Hand Sanitiser Available For Your Gym

We now have Hand Sanitiser Available For Your Gym. As we all pretty much know now this corona virus which originated in Wuhan China is having a massive impact in Australia and abroad. Due to measured designed to combat the virus thousands of businesses have had to shut down. This has included gyms and other training centres like martial arts schools for BJJ, tae kwon do and kung fu etc. The lock down is designed to limit social contact and therefore halt the spread of the virus.

Fortunately now the government is looking at lessening the restrictions to allow life to slowly get back to normal. To open though businesses will have to take measure to ensure the safety of their staff and clientele. Hand sanitiser  will be the available as part of those measures . Hand sanitiser is designed to kill germs and viruses on contact. It is that reason that it is believed to be effective against the corona (wuhan) virus or cover-19 as it is also know.

Ezymats now have hand sanitiser available for its customers. Although we have sold out of 1L bottles, we still have 5L and 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser available. We supplier our hand sanitiser to a variety of businesses including bottle shops, hair dressers, construction companies etc.

You have no excuse not to have some now that there is hand sanitiser available for your gym. Get some for your gym today so that your clients are protected. Don’t hesitate any more. Take action today. You want to show that you are responsible. Your customers will appreciate it.