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Tiger Woods and jigsaw mats

Interlocking Mats for Golf Practice

It is often said that the are a million and one uses for interlocking mats. I myself often marvel at the numerous uses that people find for interlocking jigsaw mats. I was therefore not too taken aback when I was told recently that Tiger Woods uses interlocking mats for golf practice. You don’t usually associate Tiger Wood and mats. Now while I am pretty sure that it is a fib it would not surprise me if one of the worlds best golfers and indeed the best golfer of our time used EVA interlocking mats to practice his putting.

Interlocking mats are so versatile because just as the material they are made from they can be bent and moulded to suit any situation. The fact that these jigsaw mats can be interlocked into one another further increases there usage. Which brings us back to Tiger woods. After years in the golfing wilderness he is finally back to form. His recent win at the US PGA championship proves that with the right tools any thing is possible.

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