Simple Tips to Keep Your Martial Arts Gear Smelling and Feeling Clean and Fresh
Keep Your Martial Arts Gear Clean and Fresh

Simple Tips to Keep Your Martial Arts Gear Smelling and Feeling Clean and Fresh

Training a martial arts can be a great and difficult total body exercise regime. It will often leave you your gear soaked in sweat. It is really important to help keep your gear feeling and smelling fresh.  You want to be considerate of both your training mates. Also avoid the risk of any microbial infection and increase the lifetime of your gear. Most likely, no one would like to train with someone wearing foul-smelling gear.  Also martial arts gear isn’t cost-effective to change. The following are simple techniques to help in keeping your  martial arts gear clean and fresh.


Maintaining Your Training Gear


Do not Leave Your Dirty Gear in Your Gym Bag – If you leave your dirty, sweaty gear in a gym bag in the trunk of your car all day, this will allow fungi and bacteria to spread in a hot, damp conditions.  The longer the moist your stinky clothes stays, the more the fungi that produce. This will cause a smelly odour and health problems that will spread. It is better to wash your gear instantly or leave your gear dry in the sun.


Clean Your Gym Clothes as soon as possible. The best thing to do to is washing your filthy martial arts gear as fast as possible. This will assist in blocking your gear from getting a lasting reek.  That can easily make each you and your training mates uncomfortable. In case you are not able to clean your clothes straight away, then the last option should be to hang it dry and air out. Ideally do this outdoors in the sun. The UV light from the sunlight can avoid the spread as well as even destroy the bacteria in your filthy gear.


Washing Your Training Gear

Put in a mixture of additives into your wash. There are some additives you can apply to your mixed martial arts gear wash greatly help in combating odours, removing stains. They can help your gear maintain its colour without having harsh chemicals that can harm the fabric. Anytime you manage to  wash your gear in the laundry using cold water, feel free to incorporate one or more from below tips:

  • To remove odours, brighten colours, get rid of mildew, soften the fabrics, you can add one cup of white distilled vinegar.
  • To boost the detergent efficiency and soften the fabrics as well as to remove odours, you can add ½ cup of baking soda.
  • Do not use bleach as it can break down both the fabric’s colour and integrity.


Keeping Your Training Gear Dry

Let Your Gear Dry in the Sun. When you air-dry your martial arts gear under the sun. It will help you to have fresh-smelling gear, zero bacteria from UV rays, as well as whiten your white coloured gears. However, when you dry your gear in the dryer, it can lead it to shrink. Besides, choosing to air dry your gear will be better for the environment and your wallet


Other Tricks to Consider

Soak your Clean Gear in Bucket of Vinegar. When it comes to martial arts gear that appears to have a lasting, ongoing smell, consider throwing your unclean gear in a bucket. You can then fill it with vinegar and allow it to soak prior to washing. This may help eliminate the funky odour from your gear. If it does not work, it may possibly be time to simply replace it. Drenching your new gear in vinegar prior to its first wash has also been suggested (though not proven) to prevent having faded colour gear. It is just one way to Keep Your Martial Arts Gear Clean and Fresh. 


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