Sales Leads and Leads Conversion
Sales lead and conversions

Sales Leads and Leads Conversion

A person once told me in response to my request to have all the junior sales staff in the office instead of attending some phoney baloney event, It is not like every quote turns into a job / every hour in the office = a sale.” Now I have not had the chance to run this past my Harvard Business School friends but in my opinion it is contrary to every thing I know about business, customer service and successful sales.

I recently read a great article by Stacey Bouchier from Brand Republic entitled “Sales Leads Processing and Conversion” where she outlines the necessary steps one needs to take in order to achieve success in sale. Stacey has achieved remarkable success in her sales career in the promotional products industry which has always been reflected in her sales figures. Indeed her article on the topic which featured in Southern Cross Mats News is now part of the training manual at Brand Republic. It is hoped that all future Brand Republicans will embrace the methodology.

Which brings us to the topic of sales. It is often understated how important sales are to any company by the uninitiated. To make it clear “sales are the only reason a company exists”. That is unless a company is not for profit in which case there will be another reason for its existence other then the profit motive. For all other companies sales and profit are the only reason for their existence.

Take Ezymats for example. Ezymats is a supplier of interlocking jigsaw mats which they supply throughout Australia. Now although Ezymats endeavours to be the cheapest supplier of gym mats in the country they still need to make a profit. To make a profit they need to make sales. To make sale they need to offer great customer service, prompt reply to customers and have an effective marketing strategy. If they can achieve all these elements then their chances of success are increased. If not then the future would not be bright. I know they have embraced this business philosophy so their chances of success are greatly improved.

So my friends in the business world embrace sales. Have an effective and healthy sales culture in your company. Offer sales incentives to your staff if their salary is not sufficient. Have all the necessary sales meetings and manuals needed to drum into your staffs heads that sales is the reason for their existence in the company that pays their wages.

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