Qualities That Make A Great Martial Arts Mat

There are various specialities that call for a wide array of skills as well as when it comes to mats. Smooth and soft tatami mats, for example, are ideal for ground wrestling and grappling work. Amongst all of these, however, acquiring the ideal mat for training and exercise is essential if there will be any […]


Reasons Martial Arts Should Be Learned

Martial Arts goes way more than just self-defence. It could provide great assistance in just about all aspects of your life – improved health and fitness, bodily enrichment, boosted self-esteem, greater concentration, pleasure, and great behaviour. The list goes on and on as follows:   Self Defense — You will start to hold yourself in […]


Every Karate Kid Deserves Karate Mats

Every kid grew up watching the karate kid. He was a scrawny little weasel that some how got a girlfriend and found some old Japanese guy to teach him karate. Never mind that that Japanese guy was actually from Hawaii and used to play a cook on the series “Happy Days. Never mind also that […]


Market Watch Gymnastics Mats And Tatami Mats

The Australian Dollar recorded its first weekly decline since September 23rd, this was despite hitting a six week high of 0.6882 early in the week. The US dollar has been the strongest of the major currencies in the recent past. This was due to a whole heap  of encouraging corporate earnings results. Indeed the US […]


Exercise Mats For A Better World

I watch two movies on Saturday, Revenge of the Sith, and War of The Worlds. As you know one if the Star Wars franchise where Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader. The other is the movie starring Tom Cruise in the movie based on the Orson Welles Story where the aliens come down to Earth and […]


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