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Why Ezy Mats?

When choosing your interlocking jigsaw mats supplier it is import to find the right supplier. So the question here is why Ezy Mats? Well there are a number of reasons you should chose Ezy Mats when buying your EVA interlocking jigsaw mats or tatami mats. Dedicated Sales staff - At ezymats we have dedicated sales staff that know the products. Not only can they give you pricing but they can help..Read more

Eva Interlocking Jigsaw Mats for Every Occasion

I am here to tell you that you can use jigsaw mats for almost any occasion. We at Ezy Mats have basically sold mats to people for every application imaginable. You would never believe all the uses people find EVA interlocking jigsaw mats. Here are just some of them starting from the more obvious to obscure: Police training area Children's play area Martial arts training Jiujitsu training..Read more

Strong Dollar Cheap Mats

AUD has gained against all major currencies bar the NZD was two  as rising Chinese shares pushed up global investor confidence. China’s SSE Composite index increased 2.45%, its largest gain since May, to hit a seven month high. Other world share markets followed and oil hit a four week high. The net effect is of a stronger dollar is cheaper imports including EVA jigsaw mats. Ezymats has ma..Read more

New Shopping Cart

Ezy Mats has just implemented a new shopping cart for your convenience. The shopping cart has been designed to be more user friendly and easier to navigate. The new Ezy Mats shopping cart has been designed to make your purchases of EVA interlocking jigsaw mats easier. The shopping cart is brand new and although it has been extensively tested it could still have some teething problems. If you ex..Read more

Tatami Mat Great for MMA

Our tatami mats are great for all martial arts. They are durable and easy to clean and maintain. They come in two colours; black and grey and can be ordered in other colours if required. We have sold our tatami mats to a variety of martial arts organisations and non-martial arts organisations as well. They have been well received by all our customers who enjoy the fact that that cost far less then..Read more