Tatami Mats as Karate Mats

Tatami mats have been around for a long time. The Japanese had literally used tatami mats in their homes for millennia. If you watched the Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, the last samurai, you would have noticed that all the homes in the movie has tatami mats. Indeed every home in Japan at the time […]


Gym Mats: Reasons to Employ and Replace Them

We look more presentable and confident when we have a good personality. We all want to have a shaped body with the right weight, but these days our flexible working hours and unbalanced diet have spoiled our body. To get in shape we must have to practice some fitness exercises. For faster results and better […]


Characteristics of Interlocking Mats

All gym and sports centres look to maximize their customer experiences, and an\ essential role of this is the kind of flooring made use of in your facility. You can start asking yourself these basic questions; have you ever not being able to go back to a gym due to an overwhelming bad odour?; do […]


Advantages of Premium Jigsaw Mats

There are many advantages of learning martial arts for all people of any ages. As an example, martial arts is essential for self-protection since young people and basically of all ages that can lead a healthy and balanced life obeying the characteristics of martial arts.   These days, you can exercise like professional martial guru […]


Anti-Fatigue Mats Help You Train Longer

Training is one fo these things. Once you star doing it you often get obsessed and want to do more. It is the hardest thing in the world to start doing probably because you know the world of pain you will have in the initial stages. I know myself that when ever I have started […]


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