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Three Thing To Know About Jigsaw Puzzle Mats

When buying mats for your home or school it is important to have peace if mind that you are buying good mats. There are lots of jigsaw puzzle mats on the market and unfortunately they are not all the same. Some suppliers are just in it for a quick buck and don't care about what they are offering customers. Especially when you are purchasing from classified or web stores such as eBay it is importan..Read more

Jigsaw Mats Are a Better Alternative to Regular Exercise Mats?

If you are setting up a gym, it’s crucial that every feature and element be chosen with care and installed expertly. Not only does it improve the safety of the gym area and keeps the space looking good, but increases the lifespan of the installations as well. Why jigsaw mats? This is exactly why we at Ezy Mats, recommend that our customers opt for jigsaw mats. We provide high-grade mats ma..Read more

Gym Mats Maintenance- The Basics

Gym mats, especially in areas that see a significant amount of traffic, can become unhygienic very quickly. Even when they don’t look visibly dusty or dirty, they can harbour mites, bacteria, mould and germs. While good quality gym mats are specifically-designed to resist all these problems, it’s crucial that they be cleaned with regularity and with the right cleaning solutions. Some tips ..Read more

Angela Magana Suffers Nipple Slip on Mat

Angela Magana has suffered a wald-robe malfunction during UFC 218 with her nipple exposed during the fight. Unfortunately the episode distracted from what was a brilliant fight between two seasoned fighters. It is unfortunate that something so trivial could detract from what was a significant event in the UFC history.  Any fight on the MMA mat  should be taken more seriously then somethi..Read more

4 Common Mistakes Made During Jigsaw Mats Installation

Jigsaw mats are easy to install so people don’t need to hire professional installers to get the job done. The mats can be installed in a matter of hours depending on the size of the floor. At Ezy Mats, we have noticed that customers tend to make some mistakes during the installation process that can compromise the performance of the mats. Some of the most common mistakes are mentioned below: ..Read more

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