Melbourne Jigsaw Mats Store Pumping
Melbourne Jigsaw Mats

Melbourne Jigsaw Mats Store Pumping

Our Melbourne jigsaw mats store received its’ first shipment of EVA foam jigsaw mats on the weekend. The container was delivered early and unloaded immediately by our hard working staff. Both Steve and Michael did a great job unloading the mats in time for the driver to remove the empty container in one hour. It was truly a¬†herculean ¬†effort. The mats are stacked and ready to go.

Sales are already brisk with our customer’s purchasing EVA jigsaw mats form the moment the stock was unloaded. The jigsaw mats are selling fast but luckily we have another container arriving in the next two weeks. This ship container only 40mm black and grey and blue and red EVA foam jigsaw mats. The next shipment will contain 20mm jigsaw mats, 30mm jigsaw mats and 40mm jigsaw mats. All the mats in the next shipment will be red and blue EVA jigsaw mats.

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