Market Watch – Jigsaw Mats

Market Watch – Jigsaw Mats

AA contradictory speech overnight by ECB President Mario Draghi led to calls that an interest rate cut when the ECB meet next week may not be as set in stone as first thought leading to some Euro weakness overnight. The message that “he does not see deflation risks in the Eurozone” reduces the need for the cut and could lead to a week of speculation and volatility in the single currency.

The surprise election result in the UK, with anti-EU party UKIP winning a huge number of unexpected seats could dampen the Pounds recent strong run as the result appears to have reduced investor enthusiasm for Sterling. The result has very much been seen as detrimental for U.K. trade and growth, the development could add to the headwinds for the pound, leaving us to see good buying opportunities for the AUD

The US enjoyed a night of positive data pushing sticks and the USD higher with a possibility of further strength to come.

Durable goods orders came in well above the -0.5% forecast, posting a 0.8% change in total value of new purchase orders placed with manufacturers. Marry that with Shiller house prices, market flash services PMI and the conference board’s consumer confidence and you have a USD that is well placed for a bull run.

Locally on ASX futures market overnight the June SPI 200 contract is up 8 points to 5534 bid this morning.

Stocks rallied with S&P reached an all-time intraday high and closing out at 1912 (up 11 points), the Dow hit 16689 during the offshore session closing up near 70 points (0.42%) and the NASDAQ was 1.22% higher.

Pricing for 40mm jigsaw mats remains stable. Jigsaw mats are also know as gym mats, EVA mats, judo mats, jiu-jitsu mats, wrestling mats, gymnastics mats, training mats, rubber mats karate mats, kung fu mats. Apart from 40mm they are available as 20mm mats and 30mm mats as well. Ezymats in Belmore Sydney supply mats to the Australian and international market. Ezymats also has an office and distribution centre in Shenzhen China. Ezymats is part of the Product Supply Solutions Group which includes the world renown promotional electronics supplier Yatama Technology.

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