How to Plan Gym Mats Installation?
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How to Plan Gym Mats Installation?

If you want a home gym, a child’s play area, or a game room, you should consider installing a gym mat. These mats will cushion your feet and legs during and workout and ensure your muscles don’t experience any kind of strain. Gym mats also provide cushion for impacts; so if your children take a fall on this surface, they won’t experience very severe injuries. At Ezy Mats, we provide great quality mats that perform well and look good at the same time. If you intend to install these mats on your property, here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Clear the Area And Measure 

Clear the area in which you intend to install your gym mats and measure the floor size carefully. Most gym mats have an interlocking system and fit in together like puzzle pieces. They’re held in place with the help of pressure from adjoining pieces so you need to purchase enough to cover the entire floor adequately. As these pieces aren’t glued to the floor, they’ll move around and come off the floor if the grid isn’t locked and in place.

  1. Consider the Design 

Gym mats are available in a number of colours and designs so you should choose something that suits your requirements and fits in with the overall design of your room. For example, if you want to build a home gym, you might like dark and sleek colours like read, black, and grey. If you want a gym floor for your child’s playroom or other such areas, you should consider pink, blue, or red mats. They’re brighter and more colourful, so they’ll fit in well with the overall environment of a kid’s room. Some gym mats look like puzzle pieces so they add a unique design element.

  1. Clean and Prepare the Floor 

Clean and prepare the floor thoroughly before you install the mats. It’s a good idea to get it professionally inspected and repaired as well, especially if you have concrete floors. Uneven floors with dents and cracks can be problematic. They’ll damage the mats and cause them to bubble and fold. If the mat pieces don’t sit flush against the surface, they can be a tripping hazard. If your floor is level and without any big cracks, the gym mats will sit well over it and not slip around.

  1. Order the Mat Early 

You need to store the gym mats in the room you want to install it in for a few days before you can place it on the floor. This allows the mat pieces to expand and stretch in your room’s temperature and humidity so they can fit in better. If the mats expand after installation, you’ll have an uneven floor.

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