How to Choose the Right Gym Mats for Your Establishment

How to Choose the Right Gym Mats for Your Establishment

Hard floors like concrete and wood aren’t ideal for gyms. You need to install something that would provide enough cushion and support so that people don’t injure themselves during the workout. Not all gym mats are made equal so you need to do your research before you purchase one for your establishment. At Ezy Mats, we encourage you to consider the points listed below before you purchase gym mats.

  1. Consider How You Intend to Use the Space

Some areas would need more padding and support than others so before you purchase your gym mats, consider the area and floor plan carefully. You can create zones for each type of exercise space you need in your gym and determine what kind of exercise equipment you want to place on these locations. That would allow you to determine how much padding you would need to place at every zone.

  1. Consider Your Existing Floor

Analyse and measure your existing floor. It’s a good idea to get it professionally assessed and repaired before you purchase gym mats. Uneven and cracked concrete flooring can damage the mats and shorten their lifespan. These floors are also more susceptible to damage in the gym environment. The cracks and dents would hide underneath the mats and you won’t even notice the problem until someone in your gym gets injured. You need to create a safe environment for everyone who uses the gym.

  1. Think about the Underlays

You will need underlays for certain areas of your gym, especially if you intend to provide free weight lifting in your gym. The weights will drop forcefully onto the floor and damage the concrete or wood underneath the gym mats. While the gym mats will provide a certain amount of impact protection, you need to add a little more in areas where you expect more force and pressure to drop on the floor. Better protection will ensure you don’t have to spend money on repairs too often.

  1. Quality of the Gym Mats

You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the gym mats. In fact, it’s a good idea to consider all of the products available in the market carefully before you make your purchase. Good quality gym mats aren’t very expensive if you know where to look. You need to make sure that the gym mats are thick and resilient enough to bear all the wear and tear. We offer 40mm thick gym mats that can easily withstand harsh use, and still provide enough comfort and cushion to ensure you and people using the gym aren’t injured during the workout. We offer gym mats suitable for different applications, including martial arts and gymnastics. Our products are also great for children’s play rooms.

You don’t need to look elsewhere for excellent quality gym mats. We at Ezy Mats have a large collection of them and you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.

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