Grappling & Mixed Martial Arts – Second Edition

Grappling & Mixed Martial Arts – Second Edition

Check out our jigsaw mats ad in the revised Second Edition of Grappling & Mixed Martial Arts. The ad can be found on page 7. This edition is jam packed with articles about all your favourite grapplers and grappling arts. They include modern pankration, judo, jiu jutsu (both Japanese and Brazilian), Western Wrestling, Sumo, Sambo, Chinese grappling (Chin’na). There are article about all the Gracies (Helio, Carlson, Robson, Reyson, Reylson, Carley, Rolls, Rillion, Rorion, Relson, Rickson, Rolker, Royler, Royce and Robin. Also included are Jogoro Kano, The founder of Judo, Gene LeBelle, pioneer of American wrestling, the Machado brothers (Roger, Jean, Jacque, Carlos, Rigan and John), Master Wilson Mattos of the Fadda jiu jutsu family, and our very own Anthony Perosh, Elvis Sinosić, John Will, Paulo Guimaraes, Dave Hart, Peter De Been, Bruno Panno, Chris Haseman, Anthony Manning, Anthony Lange, Jimmy Pedro and Larry Papadopoulos. You are also treated with an indepth chronical of the rise of MMA.

Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts –
Revised 2nd Edtion
Find EzyMats Advert on Page 7 of this issue.

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