judo tatami mat

Ezymats add Vinyl Tatami Mats to Range

Ezy Mats – Vinyl Tatami Mats will be adding vinyl tatami mats to our range. The new range of mats will be a great contribution to out already solid range of training mats. The mats will be available as grey tatami mats and black tatami mats. The colour options allow for a modern feel to your dojo or training centre. The mats will be two meters by one meter with a thickness of 40mm. The new tatami mats will have a density of 230kgs/cbm.

Our vinyl tatami mats are excellent quality and will be the best priced vinyl tatami mats on the market. The mats can be pre-ordered to avoid losing out as they are sure to sell fast. Tatami mats are a excellent substitute for EVA jigsaw mats, especially where a more durable mats is required. Vinyl mats are great to train on and are very easy to clean.