Exercise Mats For A Better World
Exercise Mats For A Better World

Exercise Mats For A Better World

I watch two movies on Saturday, Revenge of the Sith, and War of The Worlds. As you know it is the Star Wars franchise where Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader. The other is the movie starring Tom Cruise in the movie based on the Orson Welles story. The one where the aliens come down to Earth and try to destroy the world that we live in. In both movies it is a struggle between good and evil and we don’t know who will win until the bitter end. With WOTW it is the humans who inevitably prevail. In ROFS we seen Anakin transform in the evil and in the second last scene starting what will become the death star. In both film we realise we need Exercise Mats For A Better World.

These two movies got me thinking about how much better the world would be if every one, including Darth Vader, would just buy some exercise mats. They could work off that excess energy that makes them do so much bad. I reckon if Dark Vader had been a gym junkie he never would have turned to the dark side and in fact would have continued to be a good guy. With some good exercise mats he never would have gotten into the fight with Obi Wan Kenobi.  He would not have been render the cripple which gave what’s his name and the opportunity to turn him into Darth Vader in the first place. Indeed the “Empire” as they called themselves, never would have succeeded if the population had embraced a healthy lifestyle instead of fighting the Jedi. 

Even Jaber the Hut would have been nicer person if they had just purchased some good exercise mats such as jigsaw mats. He could have got off his slimy fat butt and done some exercise. His scene when he is trying to eat Princess Leia is just dodgy to the extreme. I mean I am not saying it would have made it any different if he had been thinner but I can imaged that Leia would have been grossed out by the big fat slob. The civilisation in the Star Wars movies is meant to be advanced so some good gym mats would have been expected. That said I have never seen people working out in those movies.

In War of the Worlds it is pretty much similar. You have this advanced civilisation that is invading Earth. They managed to get their space ships here and land on the planet. Yet even though they are so advanced they failed to figure out that they might come and catch a cold and die here. The dam flu is what got then in the end? Again had they had themselves some good exercise mats and worked out a bit maybe their immune systems would have been stronger and they would have survived. I guess it is lucky they didn’t. Whatever!



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