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AUD still holding up despite pressure

The AUD failed to break to the upside on Tuesday, as the RBA minutes simply reiterated their neutral stance and echoed last month’s statement. The AUD is still “too high historically”, but not enough was said to effect the markets in either direction in Australia trading hours. Overnight the AUD fell vs the USD, EURO and other majors, in anticipation of today’s major releases out of China, and the fact that China’s money supply grew at the slowest pace on record. China GDP numbers are due today and are forecast to drop to 7.4%, anything lower could hurt the AUD. This time 12 months ago the AUD began a dramatic fall that lasted until June, the short-term will be key to the medium term AUD levels.

Australian Dollar Jigsaw Mats

Strong Australian dollar keeps Jigsaw mats cheaper

The recent improvement in the rate of the Australian dollar against the US dollar will work to keep jigsaw mat prices lower. As jigsaw mats are manufactured in and imported from China they are priced in USD. Any appreciation in the AUD therefore has a favourable effect on pricing.

Despite the recent and surprising run back higher for the AUD, HSBC’s chief economist came out late Friday afternoon with a statement saying that ‘Despite an improving domestic picture and unwarranted concern over a China hard landing, in our view, we still continue to see AUD-USD lower as the year progresses targeting 0.86 by the end of 2014’.

As such lower prices may not be sustained over the longer run. This makes purchasing EVA jigsaw mats now the wise thing to do. Especially considering that the AUD has been very strong recently which may not persist much longer.

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Ezymats – jigsaw mats for kids

Ezymats are the ideal mat for kid’s playrooms. Their 40mm thickness offer maximum protection for those little mishaps. Young children are always falling down especially during play-time. Eva jigsaw mats are a great way to ensure that your treasured kids don’t get hurt during their most vulnerable growing period. The jigsaw construction makes assembly easy and stops the mats from pulling part.

Detroit Lions linesman Andre Fluellen studies Wing Chun

by Jeff Arnold

DETROIT — Andre Fluellen has always had a bit of Kung Fu fighting spirit inside him.

He dabbled in martial arts as a kid and was intrigued by Bruce Lee movies. But it wasn’t until he saw another movie, the 2008 “Ip Man” recently that the Detroit Lions defensive lineman discovered an ancient and once secretive form of training he hopes will help set him apart.

Fluellen stumbled upon the Detroit Kung Fu Academy during a Saturday-morning shopping trip. After one lesson studying Wing Chun, which combines grappling and striking, he was hooked. And with time on his hands during the NFL lockout, Fluellen has been able to focus on his new-found passion.

Detroit Lions lineman Andre Fluellen takes between 5,000 to 10,000 punches each training session.
The storefront studio has about 50 students — none of whom match up with Fluellen’s 6-foot-2, 295-pound frame. But size doesn’t matter.

“The first couple of days kind of humbled me because even the littlest women, the littlest people can knock me off my stance, knock me sideways or pull me down,” he said. “I was like, ‘How is this happening’?”

Fluellen learned Wing Chun has more to do with technique than physical girth. His sifu — or instructor — Owen Matson, instructed Fluellen to not give up his centerline but rather, to protect it at all costs.

Fluellen came to view training partners not as fellow Kung Fu pupils, but as offensive linemen, pushing him to perfect precision moves.

Matson has seen Fluellen succeed at a form of Kung Fu other athletes struggle with.

“This doesn’t look like what’s on TV,” Matson said. “But Andre knew it would be different. He values the tradition, he values the training and he digs deep. I often leave it up to the individual student to see how hard they will push. He pushes hard.”

During a standard training day, Fluellen may take between 5,000 and 10,000 punches — which he equates to fending off a similar number of blocks.

In time, Fluellen, who has registered 2.5 sacks in four seasons, anticipates Wing Chun will lead him to more success on Detroit’s defensive line.

‘When I learn the structure of Wing Chun, there’s no telling what I will be able to do to offensive linemen,” he said. “But I don’t think you will see this catch on [with too many teammates] unless I come back with something like eight sacks this year.”

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Anthony and Elvis from SPMA open new school

SPMA has moved the Liverpool MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym to Moorebank. The new location is a better and nicer facility and has unlimited parking! The address is 3/1 Field Close, Moorebank. SPMA are having Grand Reopening on Sunday 13th April from 10am to 2pm. Their event will have special guests, special membership sign up offers, free BBQ, free jumping castle and will be officially opened by the mayor.

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Reserve your mats now

Our current shipment is running out fast. Reserve you order jigsaw mats today so you don’t miss out. Our jigsaw mats are proving popular with a number of organisations not just BJJ schools. All martial arts organisations including Wu Shu, karate, Tae Kwon Do etc have been ordering all mats. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with the vast majority commending us on the quality and excellent price. So don’t hesitate. Order your mats today.

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Ezymats Leader of Jigsaw Mats

Ezymats is now the leading supplier of jigsaw mats in Australia. We are currently supplying mats to a number of organisations throughout the country. Current projects include the supply of mats to football organisations, BJJ schools setting up new operations and the list goes on and on. If you are looking at outfitting your school or training facility you can’t go past Ezymats. Not only are our mats great quality but you wont find cheaper mats in the market. And if you happen to find cheaper mats then we will match any reasonable quote. We also offer special deals for large quantities. So call us today.

Order Online

Ezymats has just updated their website and included a Shop for your convenience. You can now order your mats online and reserve for delivery. Mats can be picked up at our Belmore warehouse. Alternatively we can arrange shipping for you anywhere in Australia. Just another way that Ezymats is improving your ordering experience.

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Improved Web Feature

Ezymats will be introducing a number of new features to our website to improve the user experience. Chief amongst these will be a shopping cart feature. The feature will make it easier to order their mats online thereby streamlining the payment process. Payment will be possible via credit card and BPay.

We will also be including all freight charges on the website. This will eliminate quoting times and enquiry responses. It will also make it easier to calculate the total cost of your goods including shipping. Most of the time the mats are shipped with TNT, which will continue into the future. The only exception will be where cheaper shipping is available from other couriers or where stipulated by the customer.

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New Shipment Coming

With the last shipment of jigsaw mats selling out in record time we are happy to inform our customer’s of the arrival of a new shipment in 7th November. Once again customer’s can reserve their orders to ensure they don’t miss out. Again the mats will be 40mm thick which is ideal for all the grappling style and activities, which require maximum protection from falling.