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Your Ezymats jigsaw mats can be reserved online for pickup from our warehouse in Belmore. Although we have new shipments arriving all the time we can from time to time run out of stock. To ensure you don’t miss out on your jigsaw mats and don’t have to wait for our next shipment reserve your mats online.

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Our jigsaw mats price guarantee

Our price promise to you

Ezymats endeavour to be the most economical supplier of jigsaw mats in Australia. Should you find cheaper mats elsewhere we promise to do our best to beat any reasonable quote for the same product. Our EVA jigsaw mats range in price from $25.00 to $30.00 per mat depending on quantity.

The more jigsaw mats you purchase the lower the price. This is particularly useful if you have a large school or training area and need to save money. As they say ‘a penny saved is a penny earned.” Your business can not afford to be paying for then it should for jigsaw mats. Our mats are as good or even better then more expensive mats on the market. Some of which are more than twice as expensive as our EVA jigsaw mats.

Please contact Ezymats before making your purchase from another supplier and you won’t be disappointed.

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Improved Web Feature

Ezymats will be introducing a number of new features to our website to improve the user experience. Chief amongst these will be a shopping cart feature. The feature will make it easier to order their mats online thereby streamlining the payment process. Payment will be possible via credit card and BPay.

We will also be including all freight charges on the website. This will eliminate quoting times and enquiry responses. It will also make it easier to calculate the total cost of your goods including shipping. Most of the time the mats are shipped with TNT, which will continue into the future. The only exception will be where cheaper shipping is available from other couriers or where stipulated by the customer.

new stock coming

New Shipment Coming

With the last shipment of jigsaw mats selling out in record time we are happy to inform our customer’s of the arrival of a new shipment in 7th November. Once again customer’s can reserve their orders to ensure they don’t miss out. Again the mats will be 40mm thick which is ideal for all the grappling style and activities, which require maximum protection from falling.

Grappling & Mixed Martial Arts – Second Edition

Check out our jigsaw mats ad in the revised Second Edition of Grappling & Mixed Martial Arts. The ad can be found on page 7. This edition is jam packed with articles about all your favourite grapplers and grappling arts. They include modern pankration, judo, jiu jutsu (both Japanese and Brazilian), Western Wrestling, Sumo, Sambo, Chinese grappling (Chin’na). There are article about all the Gracies (Helio, Carlson, Robson, Reyson, Reylson, Carley, Rolls, Rillion, Rorion, Relson, Rickson, Rolker, Royler, Royce and Robin. Also included are Jogoro Kano, The founder of Judo, Gene LeBelle, pioneer of American wrestling, the Machado brothers (Roger, Jean, Jacque, Carlos, Rigan and John), Master Wilson Mattos of the Fadda jiu jutsu family, and our very own Anthony Perosh, Elvis Sinosić, John Will, Paulo Guimaraes, Dave Hart, Peter De Been, Bruno Panno, Chris Haseman, Anthony Manning, Anthony Lange, Jimmy Pedro and Larry Papadopoulos. You are also treated with an indepth chronical of the rise of MMA.

Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts –
Revised 2nd Edtion
Find EzyMats Advert on Page 7 of this issue.

Image Credit : Blitz Magazine

ezymats eva mats

Discovering the Application of EVA

EVA is a material popularly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber. EVA foam is used as padding in equipment for various sports such as safety flooring and gym mats. As we know it is a material used in interlocking jigsaw mats due to it flexibility and ability to absorb shock. EVA is also used in products such as ski boots, bicycle saddles, hockey pads, boxing and mixed martial arts gloves and helmets, wakeboard boots, waterski boots, fishing rods and fishing reel handles. It is typically used as a shock absorber in sports shoes, for example. It is used for the manufacture of floats for commercial fishing.

In addition, because of its buoyancy, EVA has made its way into non-traditional products such as floating eyewear. It is also used in the photovoltaics industry as an encapsulation material for silicon cells in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules. EVA slippers and sandals are currently very popular because of their properties like light weight, easy to mold, odorless, glossy finish, and cheaper compared to natural rubber. In fishing rods, it is used to construct handles on the rod-butt end. EVA can be used as a substitute for cork in many applications.

EzyMats – made from EVA material popularly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber.

Tommy Morrison dies at 44

Former WBO heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison die Sunday (US time) in hospital aged 44. Morrison gained fame for his role as “Tommy Gunn” in the 1990 movie “Rocky 5”. In the film Gunn is trained by Balboa to win the heavy weight title but then loses to Rocky in a street fight. In 1993 Morrison beat George Forman for the WBO heavyweight title. In 1996 Morrison was diagnosed with HIV before his fight with Arthur Weather. Morrison denied having HIV insisting he had Guillain-Barre Syndrone. The cause of Morrisons death was not disclosed.

Morrison became WBO heavyweight champion after defeating George Foreman in Las Vegas.

Image Credit : Nick Ut/AP Source: AP

Image Source : http://tinyurl.com/k6bkhex

ezymats new stock arrived

Jigsaw mats shipment finally arrives.

Our latest shipment of quality 40mm EVA jigsaw mats has finally arrived. Our mats were off-loaded at 9am this morning and are ready for pick up or dispatch. If you need to pick up your mats please call or come to our loading dock via Drummond Lane Belmore. Our office hours are between 9:00am and 5:00pm. If you need delivery please let us know your location and we will calculate the cheapest shipping option for you. Although over 30% are already booked out we have enough for everyone and have a constant stream of new arrivals.

New Stock

EzyMats – Update 3

Only 5 days to go before our new shipment of interlocking jigsaw mats arrives. Ezymats is a leading supplier of safety flooring in the Australian market. Our EVA jigsaw mats are trusted by customers throughout Australia. Our mats can be used for both commercial and domestic applications. Reserve yours today to ensure you receive our quality mats. Our mats can either be picked up from our warehouse in Belmore NSW or we can organise delivery to any location within Australia.

Ed O’Neill a BJJ fanatic

Ed O’Neill is an American actor and comedian best know his role as the main character, Al Bundy, on the hit sitcom Married with Children. Since 2009 he has been playing the role of Jay Pritchett in the ABC sitcom Modern Family. O’Neill was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by his friend writer/director John Milius. He has been training martial arts for 22 years under the mentor Rorion Gracie. In December 2007, Ed O’Neill received his black belt. In the 2011 TV documentary I am Bruce Lee O’Neill said that he considers getting his black belt “the greatest achievement of my life, apart from my children”.

Ed O’Neill a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fanatic

Image Source : http://tinyurl.com/qzkkc9v