Grey tatami mats for judo training.

Tatami Mats as Karate Mats

Tatami mats have been around for a long time. The Japanese had literally used tatami mats in their homes for millennia. If you watched the Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, the last samurai, you would have noticed that all the homes in the movie has tatami mats. Indeed every home in Japan at the time and including today have such mats. The mats have a historic and ceremonial place which is integral to daily life. Like I said even in modern Japan homes still have some sort of tatami mat upon which people sit and sip tea just as they did for many centuries. Even in western homes you will some times find tatami mats as a interior design element.

The interesting thing is that as much tatami was used in the home it was also used in training Japanese martial arts. At the time and even today traditional Japanese martial arts use tatami in their dojos. A lot of them refuse you use modern tatami mats, which are made form vinyl and compressed foam, and instead use tatami made through traditional means. Whilst some might find this stupid, it is admirable that people still use the traditional type even though it made training harder.

Of all the martial arts that use tatami for training the most famous martial art from Japan is karate. Karate schools often us tatami mats as karate mats mainly because of the reason that they represent the historic aspect of the training. That is the thing about karate mats, when you say karate mats you often also think about tatami mats. Make no mistake the kind of mats you use for training will influence the kind of training that you do. If you have good quality mats such as our karate mats then you can be sure that your training will be more successful.

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Gym Mats: Reasons to Employ and Replace Them

We look more presentable and confident when we have a good personality. We all want to have a shaped body with the right weight, but these days our flexible working hours and unbalanced diet have spoiled our body. To get in shape we must have to practice some fitness exercises. For faster results and better guidance, you can join a gym. The trainers will guide you with the perfectly required exercises for you and also they will help you in your exercises.


The Reasons to Have Them Placed

The best part is your practice would be safe and comfortable as the Gym Mats are used in gyms to make your practice safe and very comfortable. Standing, sitting or lying ion these mats for a long time is very comfortable as these are not like a hard floor which irritate with discomfort. The installation, de-installation, maintenance, and repair are very easy and cost-effective for these Gym Mats. These mats are made with the high-quality natural rubber and Eva foam is filled inside to add cushioned surface to your mat. These mats are so durable and very strong so you can easily install the heavy machines and tools of your gym. You can buy these mats from your nearby trusted mats suppliers. The smooth and shiny look of these mats will also create an attractive ambience in your gym. These mats can be used for aerobics or other fitness activities.


The Indicators to Have Them Replaced

So how could you tell that it is time to replace your old gym mats? Here are a few tips that we think you should follow.

  • Showing Visible Signs of Wear and Tear — The easiest way to tell if you need to upgrade your gym mats is to simply take a look at them, closely or even from afar. If your gym padding looks worn out or damaged, then it probably is, and it needs to be replaced soon. It is also important to remember that padding is not only there for safety and protection. But it also adds to the aesthetics of your gym. If it looks worn out, your entire gym will seem worn-out too.
  • Not Meeting the Standard — If your gym does not meet the standard for impact resistance and fire hazard, then it is time to replace your gym mats. To meet the standard, the padding needs to contain high-quality foam that is thick enough to provide protection for the athletes that may collide with the padding. In addition, it is also important for gyms to have padding that would slow down the spread of fire in case there’s a fire in your gym
  • Not Environmentally Friendly — You could start making a more environmentally friendly gym setting by replacing your old gym padding with new padding that is made from eco-friendly materials. By doing this you could make your gym a place that is healthy for the body and the environment.


Inspect the gym mats in your gym, if it shows any signs that we mentioned above, then it might be time to upgrade your gym mats. You should know about the thickness aspect when it comes to gym mats. For example, MMA mats tend to range from 1 to 2 inches in thickness, however, thicker isn’t always better. The appropriate thickness of your mat would be dependent on the discipline/s you teach in the gym. Do not hesitate to contact our team at Ezy Mats to get the best gym mats and gym mats for your facilities. Call today or get in touch online.

Rubber Mats

Characteristics of Interlocking Mats

All gym and sports centres look to maximize their customer experiences, and an\ essential role of this is the kind of flooring made use of in your facility. You can start asking yourself these basic questions; have you ever not being able to go back to a gym due to an overwhelming bad odour?; do you want a sturdy flooring that calls for minimum maintenance expenses and can be cleaned with ease?; do you wish for your gym floor coverings to maximize your gym area and the experience of your customers? In case the answers to any of these questions are yes, then choose for an answer that fits you: Interlocking gym flooring mats.



Interlocking floor mats are able to be put down over the most established flooring kinds, providing an appropriate way of covering up instead of upgrading wrecked, unappealing, floors. Interlocking gym floor tiles grant the best gym layouts. It is good to understand how important it is to stay up to date with the latest trends to stay on top in a continuously growing market. Interlocking gym floor tiles offer a fast, simple, and sturdy installation



Exceptional dovetail (interlocking) connection: A dovetail (also popular as interlocking) joint is a joint that puts two parts of flooring alongside one another, similar to a jigsaw. This unique form enables a simple set up as well as making sure no fluids (i.e sweat) are in a position to fall through the flooring mat and result in bad odours over time. Additionally, the accurate cutting procedure guarantees there are zero gaps in between the mats.


  • Easy installation: Interlocking flooring mats do not call for any glues or adhesives, subsequently providing a fast and easy setup process. If you were to own a gym, you sure want to create the perfect gym place in the shortest time possible, and the easy installation of interlocking mat surely helps


  • Easy replacement: maximum loads and heavyweights are constantly going to be an\ issue for any gym floor. Certainly, the interlocking mats products are guaranteed to be damage resistant, however, in case a section of the flooring was to be broken, that single tile may be replaced with ease as compared to lifting up the entire floor.


  • Hygiene: Hygiene is crucial. As a matter of fact, it is likely one of the most essential facets to give consideration to when selecting your gym floors. The majority of gym owners ignore the disguised issues that can develop from improper flooring. In a gym centre, where people are utilizing your floors for training, dirt and fluids can accumulate and leak through the holes in the flooring. This can build up and trigger issues that possibly have to have the whole floor to be changed out. Flooring solution like interlocking mats can prevent these issues from ever becoming an\ issue.


  • Get creative: Interlocking gym floors are offered in a wide array of sizes, colours, and models to accommodate your imagination or desired concepts



Interlocking gym floor mats are not solely a primary product for fitness centres and sports centres when it comes to quality, they guarantee gym owners have the potential to generate their perfect gym floors. Interlocking flooring mats are designed to offer solutions to issues you never realized you had.



At Ezy Mats,  we supply premium interlocking floor mat range to guarantee the best gym flooring solution possible. When you get your gym mats from us, whether it is interlocking or jigsaw or tatami mats, you are ensured of premium quality of mats. Browse through our website and get in touch with us right away!

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Advantages of Premium Jigsaw Mats

There are many advantages of learning martial arts for all people of any ages. As an example, martial arts is essential for self-protection since young people and basically of all ages that can lead a healthy and balanced life obeying the characteristics of martial arts.


These days, you can exercise like professional martial guru art with the greatest quality of mixed material for martial arts mat, which is commonly employed in skilled MMA studios across the country. The best size of jigsaw actually suits for MMA when there is clubs or competitions is the 30mm sized.


You are advised to select the best Jigsaw Mat to become comfortable in your choice of sports. The martial art mats are particularly designed with cushioning which are put on the floor, which allow both newbies and masters to exercise their martial art properly, steering clear of any kind of injury risks and staying away from unneeded strain on your legs and back. In order to be a master in martial arts, one should practice every single day, which means you need a comfortable mat to land on. One of the options is jigsaw mats.


Jigsaw mats are extremely easy to set up and to detach. Since they are alike jigsaw puzzles, just pack the elements and they are prepared for transportation. The mats are light in weight hence they are light to carry, keep and relocate. Another thing about jigsaw Martial Arts mats is that they are available in numerous sizes; 40mm, 30mm, and 20mm. The various thickness appeal to the variety of martial art form, when selecting the most ideal mats for your gym, you can take your time to look into which level of thickness matches your preferences. You can try 20mm jigsaw mats for martial arts and karate. As for wrestling, judo, and Jiu-Jitsu, you can go with the 40mm size to give you more protection.


Jigsaw Mats are also ideal for fitness centres and dojos large and small. The jigsaw mats are for sale in a number of weights and weights to accommodate your requirements. They are secure and stimulate stability, they are also lightweight so that you could move the flooring to anywhere it is necessary for competition and training.


A sturdy floor can trigger injury as well as leave you becoming hesitant to throw yourself completely into the arena for dread of getting injured. Martial arts mats get rid of the stress as well as self-effacing. In case you do fall really hard you will certainly have a fairly smooth landing! Martial arts mats offer a lot better experience and enable the artist to establish self-assurance in her or his own capability.


Lastly, soft and bouncy mats can be applied for several means of reasons. After a martial arts lesson, you could cool off with a couple of yoga stretches or sit back with an area of meditating (definitely better carried out on soft martial arts mats than on a cool, sturdy floor)!


Premium jigsaw mats supplier like Ezy Mats know exactly about supplying practical flooring that is very effective in a martial arts school or fitness centre. We offer martial arts mats that do more than simply generate a fine-looking workout area, they provide a functional and convenient space for an energetic and dynamic session–definitely something that should be your necessity.


Amongst all the gears required in martial arts, mats are certainly one of the top ones! If you need top-quality mats for martial arts sessions, make sure you get yours from superior jigsaw mats supplier that is Ezy Mats!

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Anti-Fatigue Mats Help You Train Longer

Training is one fo these things. Once you star doing it you often get obsessed and want to do more. It is the hardest thing in the world to start doing probably because you know the world of pain you will have in the initial stages. I know myself that when ever I have started training it becomes like an addiction in that I just can’t get enough. Then something happens and you stop. Then trying to get back into it is so hard. I have spent the last year trying to psych myself up to go back to BJJ but to no avail. I still do other stuff like cycling, running, walking, daily wing chun practice and some weights but to get back to the gym is just too hard. When I cut out wing chun for a while it was easy to get back into it but BJJ is some much harder with a greater impact on the body which has made it so hard. I reckon that is why it is always better not to stop in the first place. 

So why are some of the reasons that we stop training in the first place. I think the two biggest reasons, apart from laziness, are fatigue and injury. Yes it is great to train all the time but it tends to wear you down. A lot if the time you down know that it is having an impact on your body. Especially when people become obsessed and just go overboard they get tired. What contributed to it is not having the right equipment or the right flooring. That is why it is important to have anti-fatigue mats when you are doing your training. It is fine to be training all the time but can you imagine the effect it has on your body jumping up and down on a hard surface. It effects everything from your joints, muscle and even your internal organs. Even your brain get tired from all the bouncing up and down and the hard landing. 

When you use anti-fatigue mats you lessen the impact on your body and allow it to endure more than it usually would. Why do you think they put down EVA mats and rubber mats in work places where people will be standing all day long. They know that the anti-fatigue mats will extend the time the person can work and therefore improve productivity. If they use them in work-places where they take a more scientific approach to worker health and endurance then the same should be done when training. With professional athletes you can bet your bottom dollar that they use anti-fatigue mats for training so you should too.


Gym Matts and Gym Matting

Market Watch Gym Matts and Gym Matting

It is that time of the week to see how the markets are going. There has been a lot of volatility in the markets lately and for the first time it can not be blamed on either Donald Trump or his trade war with China. This time the volatility can be blamed on fluctuating commodity prices and under-performing bank stocks. These are just business management issues and supply and demand issues. They are the same issues that effect all markets, including the markets for Gym Matting and Gym Matts. In fact gym matts are like the canary in the coal mine when it comes to the health of the economy. When people feel good or want to feel good about themselves they buy more mats. When they no longer feel good about themselves they generally buy less gym matts, especially if their financial health has been effected in some way.

From a local economy perspective another good indicator of how good we are doing is the AUD or Australian Dollar. If the dollar is doing good then you can assume that the economy is also doing good. If it is doing back then the vice versa can be assumed. So if you look at the AUD vs USD, it  fell for the seventh time in eight days since hitting a four month high last week. This would be indicative of negative sentiment towards the AUD due to lost confidence in the economy. Usually  if things are looking up then money floods in because investors think that interest rates will go up thus increasing their return. It becomes like a supply and demand thing where more people want to buy something which is intrinsically in short supply. Just as with gym matts and gym matting.

Tatami for Everyone

Jorge Masvidal Beats Nate Diaz on Tatami Mats at UFC 244

For Jorge Masvidal it was always the case of always the bridesmaid but never the bride. Well at UFC 244 he was finally the bride when he defeated Nate Diaz at the Madison Square Garden to be crowned BMF Champion. Whilst the crowd would have wanted the fight to go further, and I myself would have like a chance to win the $120 I had riding on the fight, Masvidal was ultimately victorious. His victory on tatami mats was indeed a bloodied affair.

Really I have to admit that I was rooting for Diaz (not literally). I watched his last fight, where he was the undercard on the Miocic v Cornier fight, and I want him to win. I also did a multi-bet on that fight for Diaz to win “head to head” and Miocic to win by knock out. I could have just put Miocic to also win “head to head”, and it wasn’t paying much more for a knock out, but I threw caution to the wind. In the end I would over $300.00 for a $50.00 bet so I thought I would try the same with this fight. This time I put Tillel and Diaz to win head to head. Tillel won, Diaz as we know didn’t.

I didn’t get to watch the fight liv on TV. I don’t have pay per view and I couldn’t be bothered going to the pub. So I didn’t actually get to see them fight on tatami mats. I just tracked the fight on ESPN where they post the results live. So I could see who was getting in the most strikes. So from where I was sitting it was looking pretty good for Diaz. He was actually getting the most strikes in so it was looking promising for my multi-bet. What I couldn’t see was that Diaz was getting belted and that what’s his name, Masvidal, had actually opened up a cut above Diaz’s eye with a nice elbow. 

Anyway the rest is history. Masvidal won the fight, the crowd booed. Somewhere during the fight Diaz stuck both his middle fingers up which is classic Diaz. There is talk of a rematch, although presumably both fighters will have a shot at other opponents first. What will happen nobody knows. What we do know is that the UFC and its fans got a ripper of a fight. What we also know is that I didn’t win the $120.00 which is a crying shame. So know it is back to the drawing board and to the tatami mats for all of us, to try and find a way forward from this tragedy.

Jigsaw mats for your gym mats needs

The Pros of New Jigsaw Mats for Martial Arts

Mats are not solely utilized for protecting the floor but also to avoid one from sliding. Mats help eliminate debris, liquid, and grime from shoes and additionally soak up liquid controlling one from slipping. One concern that people frequently ask when searching for the best mats for kickboxing, boxing, commercial fitness centres and also for their houses is, regardless of whether they should get a brand new or a used mat. One particular thing you should understand is that mats will solely be excellent when perfectly maintained and well utilized. The following are considerations that will be helpful to you to decide on whether to purchase a new or used mat.


Cost — A single thing that causes people to prefer used mats over brand new ones is simply because their prices are a little low. The price may be low although it is important to see how very well the mat has been preserved and for how long it will work for you prior to it getting worn out. Sometimes, the price difference is not that high and you will find it more sensible to incorporate to your budget and purchase a new mat alternatively.


Appearance and quality — The other aspect to look at is the quality of the mat you are purchasing. Brand new mats tend to be of higher quality contrasted to the used mats. This indicates that they will be more sturdy and you will additionally be able to keep them better. Brand new mats additionally have a much better appearance. With new mats, you will be in a position to select one that satisfies the appearance of your interior.


Size of the Mat — The mat’s dimensions of your choice should fit your favoured area. Make sure that you know the accurate size of the mat before you purchase. Purchasing numerous used mats might seem to be a solution but keep in mind they may slip around and result in a trip as well as slip hazards. Brand new mats provide you a chance of personalizing to your desired length to complement your space.

Purchasing new mats tend to offer more benefits than purchasing used mats. Nevertheless, it is up to the purchaser to check their spending budget and how handy it is for them. Brand new mats offer more durability and you will not get back to the store any time soon. Furthermore, the following is a brief list of pros if you purchase new jigsaw martial arts mats


Portability  — Jigsaw mats are extremely easy to set up and to detach. Since they an alike to jigsaw puzzles, just pack the elements and they are prepared for transportation. The mats are light in weight hence they are light to carry, keep and relocate.


Thickness  — Jigsaw Martial Arts mats are available in numerous sizes; 40mm, 30mm, and 20mm. The various thickness appeal to the variety of martial art form, when selecting the most ideal mats for your gym, you can take your time to look into which level of thickness matches your preferences. You can try 20mm jigsaw mats for martial arts and karate. As for wrestling, judo, and Jiu-Jitsu, you can go with the 40mm size to give you more protection.


Stability — The fact that vinyl mats’ are excellent for padding throws and falls, they do not supply good assistance when properly positioned. This triggers the legs to work much harder, which would make it difficult to be in control. Jigsaw mats are manufactured to supply fantastic steadiness when positioned upright.


To get the perfect mat for ground-based martial arts styles, browse around Ezy Mats!

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Simple Tips to Keep Your Martial Arts Gear Smelling and Feeling Clean and Fresh

Training a martial arts can be a great and difficult total body exercise regime that will leave you plus your gear soaked in sweat. It is really important to help keep your gear feeling and smelling fresh in order to be considerate of both your training mates, avoid the risk of any microbial infection and increase the lifetime of your gear. Most likely, no one would like to train with someone wearing foul-smelling gear and martial arts gear isn’t cost-effective to change. The following are simple techniques to help in keeping your  martial arts gear clean and fresh:


Do not Leave Your Dirty Gear in Your Gym Bag – If you leave your dirty, sweaty gear in a gym bag in the trunk of your car all day, this will allow fungi and bacteria to spread in a hot, damp conditions.  The longer the moist your stinky clothes stays, the more the fungi that produce a smelly odour and health problems that will spread. It is better to wash your gear instantly or leave your gear dry in the sun.


Clean Your Gym Clothes as soon as possible – The best thing to do to is washing your filthy martial arts gear as fast as possible. This will assist in blocking your gear from getting a lasting reek that can easily make each you and your training mates uncomfortable. In case you are not able to clean your clothes straight away, then the last option should be to hang it dry and air out, ideally outdoors in the sun. The UV light from the sunlight can avoid the spread as well as even destroy the bacteria in your filthy gear.


Put in a mixture of additives into your wash – There are some additives you can apply to your martial arts gear wash greatly help in combating odours, removing stains, and helping your gear maintain its colour without having harsh chemicals that can harm the fabric. Anytime you manage to  wash your gear in the laundry using cold water, feel free to incorporate one or more from below tips:

  • To remove odours, brighten colours, get rid of mildew, soften the fabrics, you can add one cup of white distilled vinegar
  • To boost the detergent efficiency and soften the fabrics as well as to remove odours, you can add ½ cup of baking soda
  • Do not use bleach as it can break down both the fabric’s colour and integrity


Let Your Gear Dry in the Sun – When you air-dry your martial arts gear under the sun, it will help you to have fresh-smelling gear, zero bacteria from UV rays, as well as whiten your white coloured gears. However, when you dry your gear in the dryer, it can lead it to shrink. Besides, choosing to air dry your gear will be better for the environment and your wallet


Soak your Clean Gear in Bucket of Vinegar – When it comes to martial arts gear that appears to have a lasting, ongoing smell, consider throwing your unclean gear in a bucket, then fill it with vinegar and allow it to soak prior to washing. This may help eliminate the funky odour from your gear. If it does not work, it may possibly be time to simply replace it. Drenching your new gear in vinegar prior to its first wash has also been suggested to prevent having faded colour gear


Amongst all the gears required in martial arts, mats are certainly one of the top ones! If you need top-quality mats for martial arts sessions, make sure you get yours from superior jigsaw mats supplier that is Ezy Mats!

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How Jigsaw Mats Come In Handy for Preventing Sports Injuries

The mat you choose for your health and fitness centre or the indoor sports activities arena matters so much with regards to functionality & safety. With that in mind, the interlocking mats have come to be prevalent around the world for a number of purposes. Frequently known as the jigsaw mats, the interlock floor mats are shaped just like the structure of jigsaw puzzle to attenuate the effect of the athlete fall. These anti-fatigue athletes are ideal for a variety of combat sports


Martial Arts is a perfect sport designed for all ages, enhancing your own wellness and fitness, as well as your self-confidence. It is an active sport, and in terms of every dynamic sport and fitness exercise there is always the possibility of injuries. The great news is that you could reduce that risk, by making use of the proper type of flooring you can minimize your risk of severe injury. Nevertheless, if you make use of shock-absorbing Jigsaw mats For Martial Arts you can look forward to a gentler landing. Subsequently, that will suggest a couple of bruises rather than a visit to the hospital. And if you have to hit the floor, at least, hit a cushioned one! Quite a few find a sincere passion for the sport, a few start young as well as continue to exercise Martial Arts well into their twilight decades. In case you have strong and reliable flooring below your feet then you have to be able to perform that with less concern of getting injured. This means that you should carry on with the sport up until you are willing to say goodbye to your belt


The very best option to avoid injury is to train in the most proper way possible, to boost your flexibility and body fitness. Nevertheless, even if you do every single thing right you could still anticipate a couple of bruises and bumps since this is a contact sport after all.  Martial Arts mats can make it possible to reduce the chance of severe injury, very good if you want to become an assured and competent martial artist. Points below are how jigsaw mats able prevent injuries in sports:


Lowers the Risk of Sports injuries — not merely the jigsaw athletes play a key role in boosting the efficiency of an athlete, also greatly reduces the chance of the potential accidents those may possibly occur during a rigorous work out sesh.


Forms Good Posture — This kind of mat is specifically engineered to ascertain total comfort. Many studies have discovered the interlocked mats can reduce the stress on muscles and joints. In summary, these mats let the bloodstream to flow correctly throughout the athlete’s body.


Hinders Joint Stiffness — The joint stiffness is a typical training session issue problem, which can be combated to a specific extinct by the usage of the jigsaw mats.


Less Headaches — This kind of mat can reduce the stress on the neck as well as the shoulder area, which definitely a reason for headaches suffered by athletes.


Reduce Lower Back Pain — when you are having difficulties with persistent lower back pain, then you can have your old fitness mat swapped with an interconnected mat. This will help you have a smooth fall, always.


Lessen the Chances of Slipping — Trips and slips are a couple of standard sports injuries; they can be minimal with the usage of the modern-day jigsaw runners.


In the end, the ball is in your court you have to make the final conclusion, based on your safety needs & requirements. Once you finalized your decision, make sure you get the top quality of jigsaw mats from Ezy Mats

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