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Wall Matts

Wall Mats Combined With EVA Mats

When looking at setting up a home or professional gym there is no better combination then wall mats and EVA foam mats. Whilst people remember to buy protective covering for their floors they often neglect the wall. This can be a big mistake when you need it the most.

But don’t think that wall mats are just for kick boxing gyms and martial arts studios. Wall mats are practical for both sporting and none sporting activities. Wall padding is also useful in situation where people are likely to bump into walls and therefore injuring themselves. Whether is be a tight walking area or for a person with a condition which makes them susceptible to injury through collision with a wall.

If you need to plan an area for protection against collision our expects are more then happy to help.

Tiger Woods and jigsaw mats

Interlocking Mats for Golf Practice

It is often said that the are a million and one uses for interlocking mats. I myself often marvel at the numerous uses that people find for interlocking jigsaw mats. I was therefore not too taken aback when I was told recently that Tiger Woods uses interlocking mats for his golf practice. Now while I am pretty sure that it is a fib it would not surprise me if one of the worlds best golfers and indeed the best golfer of our time used EVA interlocking mats to practice his putting.

Interlocking mats are so versatile because just as the material they are made from they can be bent and moulded to suit any situation. The fact that these jigsaw mats can be interlocked into one another further increases there usage. Which brings us back to Tiger woods. After years in the golfing wilderness he is finally back to form. His recent win at the US PGA championship proves that with the right tools any thing is possible.

When looking for the right tools for your training a supplier like EzyMats is invaluable. So whether you are practicing golf, martial arts or any other sporting activity be comfortable with the knowledge that we are just a phone call away.


China to Retaliate Against New Tariffs

Donald Trump on Tuesday announced China $US200 billion in new tariffs which, combined with other tariffs already announced, will mean the US is taxing roughly half of all its imports from China. China responded by saying it will be forced to retaliate against by against the US. A Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman said, “In order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests and the global free trade order, China will have to take simultaneous counter measures”. What those countermeasure will be remain to be seen.

While in previous responses the Chinese have used harsh language this time their response was more muted when they said, Beijing “deeply regrets” the tariffs.  China has also stopped short of what kind of action might be taken, thus giving Trump a chance to back down. Previously China said that it would retaliate with $US60 billion in tariffs on US goods that came into effect in August, but it has since gone quiet on the threat.

Trump also threatened to immediately impose almost $US270 billion of additional tariffs if the Chinese government announces retaliatory measures against US farmers and manufacturers. This in effect would be a tax on all Chinese products entering the US.

In light of the new tariffs the Australia’s Reserve Bank board discussed the trade war at its recent meeting. They concluded that in saying that the “significant tensions around global trade policy … represented a material risk to the outlook.”

“Ongoing uncertainty about trade policy had led to volatility in the prices of some commodities.” “More generally, the direction of international trade policy in the United States continued to be a source of uncertainty for the outlook for the world economy.” This is according to the board’s minutes released on Tuesday.

Unlike the previous rounds of tariffs – which targeted industrial goods – this tranche will affect consumer products and could lead to price rises for items such as gymnastics mats, puzzle mats, air conditioners and jigsaw mats.

The new tariffs of $200 billion on Chinese goods will bring the electronics and gym mats sectors into the trade war.

The Chinese doodle minister is expected fly via cargo plane Washington next week to resume talks with his Amercan counterpart.

One of el Presidentè’s last remarks on the issue was, “These practices plainly constitute a grave threat to the long-term health and prosperity of the United States economy. As President, it is my duty to protect the interests of working men and women, farmers, ranchers, businesses and our country itself. My administration will not remain idle while those interests are under attack,” he said

So some people inherently might be thinking the President Trumps actions might be crazy others think they are not. At the end of the day he was elected by the American people they must be happy with the progress that is being made in the trade front.

Training with jigsaw and gym mats

Canadian David Lemieux Stop Gary O’Sullivan on the Mats

Canadian David Lemieux was victorious in the first round of his fight with Ireland’s Gary O’Sullivan after a savage left hook that left the Irish fighter on the eva mat.

Lemieux was not happy after O’Sullivan team’s talked trash in the lead up to the fight. He gave them an emphatic response with his victory.

In reponse to the trash talking Lemieux said “Don’t p*** me off guys,”. “I guess the message must be clear, I don’t like the trash talking at all that was done to me from O’Sullivan’s side so I kept it in me and I put to the right timing.

“I’m a respectable fighter, I come in the ring, I don’t disrespect my opponents, I train hard, I don’t trash talk and I respect that kind of behaviour.

“I felt great, I’m in superb shape. I gave you all a great knockout and a great event so I hope you’re all happy.”

Lemieux had previously fought Gennady Golovkin in 2015, said he’d like another shot at the champion. He would also like a shot at Alvarez he confirmed. Boxing ring generally use canvas but jigsaw mats are also used in some gym setups.

“I’m not rooting for anybody, I want to fight both of them,” he said in the post-bout interview.

“I think it’s a 50-50 chance fight. Canelo is an excellent boxer, so is Golovkin. It’s going to be an interesting fight”.

As it is Canelo went on to beat Golovkin via decision. In what was a very competitive fight the two of the three judges gave it to Canelo 115-113. It gave Alvarez the title via majority decision with the third judge scored it a 114-114 draw.

The fight was widely seen as a great fight with both fighters giving it their all. There is already talk of another Alvarez vs Canelo fight in the future to continue the rivalry. Both fighter would be wise to get back on their gym mats and training their hearts out until the next competition. Any fighter worth their weight in gold would spend most of their time training in their gym on their gym mats.


Donald trump and gym mats

Trump’s Two Hundred Billion Dollar Tariffs And Gym Mats

There are two hundred billion reasons that Donald Trump’s up coming tariffs on China could cause the price of gym mats to rise in Australia. President Trump has vowed to put in place a new round of Chinese goods imported into America if the communist country doesn’t curtail unfair trade practices. Although the Chinese government denies such practices exist the Trump administration is adamant that such tariffs with be applied in the not too distance future.

As we already know most low technology items are now manufactured in China and the Asia region. This also includes gym mats such as jigsaw mats, foam mats, interlocking mats and EVA mats. If tariffs were to by place on the gym mats then there is a real possibility that it could raise the prices on gym mats in Australia. The world economy is intertwined so any economic stock in one region is likely to have an effect in another. Australia is not immune to this reality and it is something to be expected if the current trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies continues.

Effects on gym mats pricing by falling dollar

One of the potential effects that one can expect on pricing is the effect it has had on the Australian dollar. The Australian dollar has already fallen by over 5% since the trade war began and there is a chance that it could fall further. The reason for the fall is not only due to loss investor fleeing to the safety of the USD. It is also because the Australian economy is tightly aligned with the Chinese economy so any threat to the Chinese market translates to being threatening to the Australian market. As we know China buys a lot of resources from Australia and in turn Australia buys heaps of manufactured goods from China such as jigsaw mats and foam mats. Indeed the raw materials that goes into making a jigsaw mats most likely come from Australia.

Rising Costs of Raw Material


The tariffs being proposed by both player in this trade war can also have an impact on raw material pricing. As the Chinese seek to limit the import of raw material from the US it has a tendency to drive up the price of raw material for other countries. By placing barriers on those material supplied my mines and wells in America it means that those coming from other markets are in more demand. This is because China is by far the largest consumer of raw material in the world so disruption in supply chains will invariably have an effect on pricing. As such raw material necessary for the manufacture of various gym mats become more expensive which are then passed on to the consumers.

Note feature image supplies by friendlystock.com

US Dollar and gym mats and jigsaw mats

Market Watch and Gym Mats

The US dollar was the main mover with the Australian Dollar closing higher for the third day in a row. The US dollar index gave up 0.35% as it continued to drift lower from its fourteen month high. Also the Australian Dollar lifted by  0.35% against the NZ Dollar. The other Aussie crosses were little changed. Overall it the AUD has stabilised after falling somewhat over the last few weeks.

The USD’s drop was initiated by Federal Reserve member Bostic saying he expected only one more rate hike in 2018. He predicted three rate hikes at the beginning of the year, saying he was open to a fourth if the economy grew fast enough. However trade tensions have provided downside risk. Markets still believe two rate hikes are on the cards, in September and December.

Politics has returned to the fore with Malcolm Turnbull facing a real leadership challenge. The nuances of politics are for other platforms but this kind of instability can unsettle the currency. Typically a quick move to change leadership contains the damage but a protracted situation could destabilise the Aussie dollar.​

Although the dollar has come down a bit over recent weeks it is yet to effect the price of jigsaw mats. The price of jigsaw mats is still stable and they are well priced. As Ezy Mats have large stock quantities in their expansive warehouses they are able to ride out any fluctuation in the currency market. The large range of gym mats also makes it easy to contain pricing.

The Best Way to Clean Gym Mats

The Best Way to Clean Gym Mats

Good quality gym mats that have been maintained with regularity can last for a very long time without losing their resilience or appearance. However, it is important to understand that these mats have to endure a number of different conditions. This is especially true if they have been placed in high traffic areas such as a commercial gym.

Steps to Follow

They can easily soak up dirt, sweat as well as moisture, causing them to develop mould and become the ideal breeding ground for germs. This makes it crucial to ensure that your gym mats are cleaned with regularity. Not only will it help them remain hygienic but will also ensure that their appearance stays intact. The experts at Ezy Mats recommend that you follow these steps while cleaning gym mats:

  • Sweep the mats– This is the very first step of the cleaning process. It will help remove all the dust and debris and you can use either a duster or broom to remove it.
  • Use a pHbased cleanser– Once the surfaces are free of all the debris and dust, use of good quality neutral pH cleanser and clean the mats using a microfiber cloth. This type of cleanser ensures that the mat material won’t get impacted or deteriorated.
  • Clean under the mats– Just as you focus on cleaning the upper surfaces of the mat, it is also important to clean thoroughly below the mats as well. Since these mats arent affixed to the ground, this is a very simple task to handle. Doing this helps to ensure that all the mould and moisture that is trapped there would be removed.

For more information, feel free to call Ezy Mats at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.

Jigsaw Mats and Gym Mat World Cup Champions

The Jigsaw Mat and Gym Mat Champions

Ezy Mats are the Jigsaw Mat and Gym Mat World Cup Champions of the world. Although it is not official what is true is that Ezymats has the best range of jigsaw mats and gym mats for all training. Not only do we supply the right jigsaw mat thickness for you but have different colours as well.

But don’t take out world for it. check out our range online and you will see. Also our large range of customer are testament to the fact that we are a premium supplier of training mats in the Australian market. Just this month we have sold to customers as diverse as schools, fitness centres, martial arts organisations and government organisations alike.

So if there is a jigsaw mat that you require be sure to contact us before making your purchase.

Croatian World Cup 2018

Croatia Runners Up in Football World Cup 2018

After an almost perfect run in the 2018 World Cup in Russia Croatia were the runners up in a nail biting contest against France. In what was one of the best finals in living history France were able to prevail in somewhat controversial circumstances which say the Croatian side lose the only game in this years world cup. Albeit in the final.

What started as a promising game the Croatians dominated from the start. In fact Croatia had over sixty percent of possession of the ball in the game. A dubious penalty close to the box saw the first penalty against Croatia. What was obviously a dive by the French player was then converted into a goal when the ball touched the head of the Croatian player and then went into the goal for an own goal against Croatia.

Croatia then scored a brilliant goal which was the game equalised to 1-1 between the sides. The goal was truly an act of brilliance and served to lift the Croatian side.

Another corner to France saw another dubious penalty awarded to France in front of the box when the ball touched the arm of the Croatian player and a hand ball was awarded. What would normally would have been dismissed was counted as a hand ball after it went to the new VAR technology which saw the referee award the penalty to the French side which they converted.

With the Croatian side stunned the French quickly converted two quick goals which saw the valiant Croatian side on there back foot and 4-1 down in the competition. A brilliant goal from Mandžulic saw the game go to 4-2 and the momentum quickly turned back to Croatia. Just as the side started to reassert itself a couple of streakers ran onto the field from the Russian protest group “Pussy Riot” which again sapped momentum from the Croatian from which they never recover with the game going to the French 4-2 in the end.

The chequered colour of the Croatian teams jersey is similar to the Ezymats colours. Even the logo resembled the chequers. Also I have it from a goal source that the Croatian side sometimes uses jigsaw mats during their indoor training sessions, although this has not been independently verified.

The Benefits of Installing Jigsaw Mats In Your Commercial Gym

The Benefits of Installing Jigsaw Mats In Your Commercial Gym

If you are setting up a commercial gym, it is crucial that you choose every single feature and installation with care and attention to detail. After all, the space will see a significant amount of traffic and use. Investing in good quality products for your gym is one of the best ways to get a good return on investment as well as make a great impression on your members.

In addition to having good quality gym equipment and a great ambience, you also need to ensure that the flooring in your gym is able to provide a comfortable and resilient surface for workouts. This is exactly where jigsaw mats come into the picture. We at Ezy Mats are one of the leading suppliers of these mats and cater to both residential as well as commercial customers.

The Benefits of Jigsaw Mats

These products perform extremely well under various conditions and are resilient enough to endure the heavy use that is common and commercial gyms. There are a number of benefits to installing jigsaw mats in your commercial gym such as:

  • Jigsaw mats come in various colours and designs. They look stunning and go a long way in improving the overall ambience of your gym. They lend a very professional and clean appearance to the space which helps attract a greater number of members. This helps increase the profitability of your business.
  • Our mats are extremely comfortable for use. They provide the right amount of cushioning, yet are firm enough to carry out various exercises and activities in a commercial gym.
  • These mats are extremely easy to install as they aren’t affixed to the flooring surface. Their special jigsaw design helps lock the individual units in place. Once the mats have been installed with care, you can rest assured that they will last for a long time with regular maintenance.

For any more information about our jigsaw mats, feel free to call Ezy Mats at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.