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Ezy Mats Soon In The UK

We are happy to announce that EzyMats will soon we offering training mats in the UK market. We will be opening and office just outside London and will be shipping mats through out the UK. Our gym mats and martial arts mats will be available for delivery to:

  • UK Mainland (England, Scotland, Wales)
  • Scottish Highlands and Islands
  • Northern Ireland
  • Channel Islands
  • British Islands

We will be offering our full range of EVA jigsaw mats including:

  • 20mm jigsaw mats
  • 30mm jigsaw mats
  • 40mm jigsaw mats

Our shipment is current being arrange in our mats factory in China and will be dispatch soon. Our customer service should be fully operational by October.

Ezy Mats plan to offer the same level of service and quality mats to the UK as we offer currently in the Australian market.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at www.ezymats.com.au

Exchange rate vs USD

Market Watch – AUD vs USD in May 2017

Being a company that is so reliant on imported goods it is important for us to track currency movements. Our purchase of EVA mats and foam mats is done from off-shore companies who require payment in US dollars. In this case if the USD goes up then the price of EVA mats and foam mats also goes up. If it goes in the opposite direction then so to does the price of mats. Therefore the exchange rate is a good indicator of where the pricing of gym mats is going. Below is an analysis of the exchange rate in May.

The AUD traded in a narrow range this month against the USD. It ended down just above 1% which is not a great deal considering all the things happening in the world. Early in the month we saw the USD strengthen as the Federal Reserve pointed to a 100% chance of a rate hike in June. This expectations then eased as doubts over the strength of US inflation emerged. The rate hike chances are now considerable less at 60%. The AUD eased off later in the month after lighter consumer spending and concerns we are expecting a very weak and possibly negative growth. The start of June has seen significant support for the AUD at 0.74 and a rally towards 0.75 after good economic news from China, the worlds second largest economy.

We will continue to monitor movements in the currency to better understand where the price of EVA mats and foam mats will be in the not too distant future. If you have any questions about this or anything else then give us a call. We are always ready to talk shop.

MMA Mat and BJJ mats are great for Wrestling Mats

Get You BJJ Mat From Us

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all the rage at the moment. Seems to be there is a new school opening every day such is the demand. It is a fantastic martial art which is very practical and can be easily integrated with out style of martial arts. Also there are many organisations now that organise all sort or events such as competitions, seminars and training days. It speaks volumes about the people involved in the sport when you see how successful it has become.

That is why there has been an explosion in the demand for BJJ Mats. Not only is the demand coming from the schools which are being out fitted. It is also coming from the students themselves. Most of them are so enamoured in the sport that they can think of nothing else but to setup their very own training gyms at home. To do that they need BJJ mats. Now BJJ mats come in different forms. The most common forms are:

  • EVA Foam Mats – interlocking mats in a puzzle formation.
  • Smooth Vinyl Mats – heavy duty and smooth to avoid mat burn.
  • Tatami mats – traditional finish for better grip and look.

Obviously the kind of mat that a practitioner choses will depend on their needs. If they are more price conscious then they may go for the EVA variety. If they want something longer lasting and durable then they are more likely to choose a heavy duty mats whether with a smooth finish or tatami. Either way they will need to choose one of these options.

When looking for mats for you BJJ training be sure to contact us first. We have a great variety and will always look out for your needs.

interlocking gym mats for your gym or training area

Why Interlocking Mats Are The Best?

With the proliferation of 24 hours gyms and home training there has been an explosion of the need for anti-fatigue mats. Anti-fatigue mats not only look good and mark out the designated area for training but they assist in limiting injury due to vigorous training. The need for ant-fatigue mats can’t be overstated when discussing training and the effects on the body both positive and negative.

While they are a large variety of gym mats on the market one can not look past interlocking flooring. Interlocking flooring is a great choice when considering what type of gym mats to install in your establishment. It has many advantages over other types of floor which I will discuss here.

Easy Installation of Interlocking Floor Mats

One of the greatest advantages of these kinds of mats is that they are easy to install. With many other types of mats and flooring you generally need a professional to install them for you. Often you also need adhesive in order to keep the that or flooring from moving around. With interlocking mats this is not the case. All you need to do is arrange a pattern and determine the designated area. Calculate how many mats you require and simple install. The mats come together like a jigsaw puzzle which is why they are also know as jigsaw mats. However they are not like a complicates jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw pattern repeats itself which makes it so much easier to put together.

Cost Effective Gym Mats

The best part of these mats is that they are the most cost effective type of training mats on the market. They are made of EVA foam which is an abundant product making the manufacturing of the product relatively cheap. Also the compact nature of the product make it easy and cheap to ship. Other mats which might come in a roll take up much more room per square meter which make it a less attractive product to ship.

Flexible Product For Gyms

As the flooring is made up of just individual mats it is very flexible when trying to customise areas for training. The mats themselves are double sided and come in different colours per side. So if you are looking at marking out areas in your training gym it makes it easier. Or if you have a martial arts gym and want to make out specific sparring area so that students know their bounds it is remarkably  easy. You just make a plan and stick to it.

Ezy Mats Are Best Supplier In Australia Of Gym Mats

Without doubt Ezy Mats is the best supplier of interlocking flooring in the Australian market. We have a great range of mats and offer friendly and reliable service. So if you are looking at buying mats then give us a call. We will do our best to help you with your every need.

Jigsaw mats for your gym mats needs

Why Does Your Child’s Play Room Need Jigsaw Mats?

Designing a child’s play room is always a challenge. You want to create a safe space for them but still give them room to grow and have fun. Safety is the most important concern of parents because children can become injured in playrooms. If they fall and come in contact with a hard concrete, stone, or wood floor, they can develop bruises or break bones. At Ezy Mats, we encourage parents to install jigsaw mats on the playroom floor. These mats offer a number of advantages along with safety and some of these advantages are listed below:

  1. Design 

The jigsaw mats have a very distinctive design because they look like interlocking puzzle pieces. Once all the pieces are installed on the floor, the design looks playful and interesting, which is the perfect fit for a child’s bedroom. These mats are also available in a number of bright and interesting colours. For example, you can install blue and pink mats in your child’s room to add a pop of colour and brightness to the room.

  1. Affordable 

Children grow out of playrooms and won’t need the cushioned floor all their lives. Most parents remove the softer jigsaw mats after a couple of years and add simple carpets or leave the floor bare. Why spend a large amount of money on the floor if you install something that works just as well but doesn’t cost as much? The jigsaw mats are very affordable and don’t require special skills to install so you only need to pay for the material and the transport. You can easily handle the installation yourself.

  1. Quick and Easy Installation 

These jigsaw mats don’t need to be glued to the floor or installed in a specific manner. Our website has all the details you need to perform a good installation but here’s a brief description of the process:

  • Measure the floor and place your order.
  • Allow the mat pieces to sit in your room environment for at least 24 hours before installation.
  • Place the pieces on clean and level floor. Make sure the pieces interlock each other well.

As you can see, the installation doesn’t require a lot of effort. You don’t have to struggle with messy glue and can remove the mats at any time.

  1. Easy to Clean and Replace

 Children like to create a mess and can spill food items or drink on the jigsaw mats. Thankfully, these mats are easy to clean. You just need to wipe off the spilled item and clean the mat with mild anti-bacterial soap. You can also replace individual jigsaw mat pieces if they’re too damaged. You don’t need to replace the entire floor to get rid of the stains.

You don’t need to look elsewhere for excellent quality jigsaw mats. We at Ezy Mats have a large collection of them and you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.

MMA Mat and BJJ mats are great for Wrestling Mats

All You Need For Your Gym

When planning a new martial arts or MMA gym it can often be a daunting task. Trying to piece together all the things you need can be time consuming and it is even harder to find someone you can rely on. At EzyMats we have all you need to fit out your next or new training gym. We have a full range of safety mats to cover your floors and walls to better protect your students from injury. To check out our full range of products in one place simply go to https://www.ezymats.com.au/products/. Here your will find our full range of gym mats for your martial arts club.

Our great range of mats includes:

EVA gym mats – we have a range of 20mm, 30mm and 40mm jigsaw mats. Our EVA gym mats come in a variety of colours which gives you great choice.

MMA Mats – our MMA mats come in a smooth finish which is great for grappling and helps eliminate mats burn.

Tatami Mats – our tatami mats are made from heavy duty vinyl and compressed foam.

Wall Mats – our wall padding is great for protecting students from impact with the wall.

So if you are fitting out your martial gym give Ezy Mats a call. We are the experts in gym mats fit out. We are trusted by organisations through out Australia.

Jigsaw - gym mats mats installation

How to Plan Gym Mats Installation?

If you want a home gym, a child’s play area, or a game room, you should consider installing a gym mat. These mats will cushion your feet and legs during and workout and ensure your muscles don’t experience any kind of strain. Gym mats also provide cushion for impacts; so if your children take a fall on this surface, they won’t experience very severe injuries. At Ezy Mats, we provide great quality mats that perform well and look good at the same time. If you intend to install these mats on your property, here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Clear the Area And Measure 

Clear the area in which you intend to install your gym mats and measure the floor size carefully. Most gym mats have an interlocking system and fit in together like puzzle pieces. They’re held in place with the help of pressure from adjoining pieces so you need to purchase enough to cover the entire floor adequately. As these pieces aren’t glued to the floor, they’ll move around and come off the floor if the grid isn’t locked and in place.

  1. Consider the Design 

Gym mats are available in a number of colours and designs so you should choose something that suits your requirements and fits in with the overall design of your room. For example, if you want to build a home gym, you might like dark and sleek colours like read, black, and grey. If you want a gym floor for your child’s playroom or other such areas, you should consider pink, blue, or red mats. They’re brighter and more colourful, so they’ll fit in well with the overall environment of a kid’s room. Some gym mats look like puzzle pieces so they add a unique design element.

  1. Clean and Prepare the Floor 

Clean and prepare the floor thoroughly before you install the mats. It’s a good idea to get it professionally inspected and repaired as well, especially if you have concrete floors. Uneven floors with dents and cracks can be problematic. They’ll damage the mats and cause them to bubble and fold. If the mat pieces don’t sit flush against the surface, they can be a tripping hazard. If your floor is level and without any big cracks, the gym mats will sit well over it and not slip around.

  1. Order the Mat Early 

You need to store the gym mats in the room you want to install it in for a few days before you can place it on the floor. This allows the mat pieces to expand and stretch in your room’s temperature and humidity so they can fit in better. If the mats expand after installation, you’ll have an uneven floor.

You don’t need to look elsewhere for excellent quality gym mats. We at Ezy Mats have a large collection of them and you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.

Exercise Foam Mats for gym and training.

Always Use Exercise Mats for Training

Physical exercise has always been encouraged as a way to improve and  maintain physical fitness. It is a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and control weight, build muscle strength and strengthen the human immune system. Studies indicate that exercise starts to have an immediate benefit on a person health and may in most cases increase life expectancy. 

There are a huge amount of activities that people can participate in to improve and maintain good health and fitness. A large amount our outdoor activities such as team sports, hiking, swimming etc. There are also a lot of activities which can be done indoors like martial arts and pilates etc. It is for these activities that some sort of ant-fatigue mats is necessary.

At Ezy Mats we have a large selection of anti-fatigue mats for sale. We have exercise mats, jigsaw mats, foam  mats, gym mats, tatami mats, MMA mats, BJJ mats and interlocking mats. Our exercise mats are among the best quality and priced mats in the Australian market. We delivery our Exercise Mats to all corners of the country. We have even been known to send our mats overseas. 

So if you have a need for exercise mats please give EzyMats a call or send us an email.

Our jigsaw mats come in a variety of colours for your gym.

New Order Of 20mm Jigsaw Mats for Melbourne

We have a new order of 20mm jigsaw mats heading for our Melbourne warehouse. Our jigsaw mats especially the 20 black / grey mats have been super popular. We are not our of stock yet but we anticipate that by the time the new shipment arrives we will be well and truly our of stock. The mats coming to Melbourne are as follows:

  • 20mm blue / red jigsaw mats
  • 20mm black / red jigsaw mats
  • 20mm black /   grey jigsaw mats

If you are setting up a gym or a training area it is always important what kind of ant-fatigue mats you may require. Obviously there are many options and they all depend on what kind of mat you require. Just remember it is better to have something then nothing. The main use for the area in question is what you might want to consider first.

If you are looking at a weight training area or somewhere where there will be equipment the best option is usually rubber mats. Rubber mats have a higher density and are thinner so there is less room for deformation. They tend to be heavy but that doesn’t matter after to lay them down.

If it is an area where people are likely to be jumping up and down then you might want to consider jigsaw mats. These mats are make from EVA foam which means they have good absorbing qualities. Our EVA foam mats are easy to put together and come in a variety of colours and thicknesses. Just like our 20mm jigsaw mats coming to Melbourne they are very popular.

If you are looking at fitting out an area please give us a call. We are always happy to help in guiding you with your jigsaw and gym mats needs.

Foam mats fit together like foam mats which is why they also call them puzzle foam mats.

Foam Puzzle Mats Great for Cross Training

Traditionally people have tended to gravitate to one kind of exercise or the other. You either did boxing or aerobics, for example, but not necessarily both. Whilst any activity is better then none the dilemma of such an approach was that often people were neglecting a certain muscle group or part of there fitness component.

Cross-training in sports and fitness tries to resolve this issue by  involving a combining exercises to work various parts of the body. If effect it is the action of engaging in two or more sports or types of exercise in order to improve fitness or performance in one’s main sport. For example you may mix sprint training with weight training. In martial art cross training refers to mixing various martial art to improve one’s overall fighting ability.

A hard training regime can of be taxing on the body particularly the joins. Part of having an effective training regime is having the proper equipment. No equipment is more important than foam mats or puzzle mats. Foam mats are mats made from compressed foam. As the foam mat has some give it is able to absorb some of the impact of  jumping around thereby minimising fatigue on the body. One would tailor their gym floor mats according to the amount of impact involved with any activity. The hight the impact the thicker the foam mats.

Foam mats are also ideal for cross training as they are easy to assemble and light weight. Foam mats come in a puzzle formation which is why they are also referred to as puzzle mats. They are called puzzle mats as they are shaped like a puzzle and therefore come together like one as well. They can also be called puzzle foam mats for this very reason.

So next time you see someone cross-training don’t be surprised if you see them doing it in combination with puzzle foam mats. If they aren’t then give them a slap on the back and tell them about Ezy Mats and the great range they have on offer.