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The Best Way to Clean Gym Mats

The Best Way to Clean Gym Mats

Good quality gym mats that have been maintained with regularity can last for a very long time without losing their resilience or appearance. However, it is important to understand that these mats have to endure a number of different conditions. This is especially true if they have been placed in high traffic areas such as a commercial gym.

Steps to Follow

They can easily soak up dirt, sweat as well as moisture, causing them to develop mould and become the ideal breeding ground for germs. This makes it crucial to ensure that your gym mats are cleaned with regularity. Not only will it help them remain hygienic but will also ensure that their appearance stays intact. The experts at Ezy Mats recommend that you follow these steps while cleaning gym mats:

  • Sweep the mats– This is the very first step of the cleaning process. It will help remove all the dust and debris and you can use either a duster or broom to remove it.
  • Use a pHbased cleanser– Once the surfaces are free of all the debris and dust, use of good quality neutral pH cleanser and clean the mats using a microfiber cloth. This type of cleanser ensures that the mat material won’t get impacted or deteriorated.
  • Clean under the mats– Just as you focus on cleaning the upper surfaces of the mat, it is also important to clean thoroughly below the mats as well. Since these mats arent affixed to the ground, this is a very simple task to handle. Doing this helps to ensure that all the mould and moisture that is trapped there would be removed.

For more information, feel free to call Ezy Mats at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.

Jigsaw Mats and Gym Mat World Cup Champions

The Jigsaw Mat and Gym Mat Champions

Ezy Mats are the Jigsaw Mat and Gym Mat World Cup Champions of the world. Although it is not official what is true is that Ezymats has the best range of jigsaw mats and gym mats for all training. Not only do we supply the right jigsaw mat thickness for you but have different colours as well.

But don’t take out world for it. check out our range online and you will see. Also our large range of customer are testament to the fact that we are a premium supplier of training mats in the Australian market. Just this month we have sold to customers as diverse as schools, fitness centres, martial arts organisations and government organisations alike.

So if there is a jigsaw mat that you require be sure to contact us before making your purchase.

Croatian World Cup 2018

Croatia Runners Up in Football World Cup 2018

After an almost perfect run in the 2018 World Cup in Russia Croatia were the runners up in a nail biting contest against France. In what was one of the best finals in living history France were able to prevail in somewhat controversial circumstances which say the Croatian side lose the only game in this years world cup. Albeit in the final.

What started as a promising game the Croatians dominated from the start. In fact Croatia had over sixty percent of possession of the ball in the game. A dubious penalty close to the box saw the first penalty against Croatia. What was obviously a dive by the French player was then converted into a goal when the ball touched the head of the Croatian player and then went into the goal for an own goal against Croatia.

Croatia then scored a brilliant goal which was the game equalised to 1-1 between the sides. The goal was truly an act of brilliance and served to lift the Croatian side.

Another corner to France saw another dubious penalty awarded to France in front of the box when the ball touched the arm of the Croatian player and a hand ball was awarded. What would normally would have been dismissed was counted as a hand ball after it went to the new VAR technology which saw the referee award the penalty to the French side which they converted.

With the Croatian side stunned the French quickly converted two quick goals which saw the valiant Croatian side on there back foot and 4-1 down in the competition. A brilliant goal from Mandžulic saw the game go to 4-2 and the momentum quickly turned back to Croatia. Just as the side started to reassert itself a couple of streakers ran onto the field from the Russian protest group “Pussy Riot” which again sapped momentum from the Croatian from which they never recover with the game going to the French 4-2 in the end.

The chequered colour of the Croatian teams jersey is similar to the Ezymats colours. Even the logo resembled the chequers. Also I have it from a goal source that the Croatian side sometimes uses jigsaw mats during their indoor training sessions, although this has not been independently verified.

The Benefits of Installing Jigsaw Mats In Your Commercial Gym

The Benefits of Installing Jigsaw Mats In Your Commercial Gym

If you are setting up a commercial gym, it is crucial that you choose every single feature and installation with care and attention to detail. After all, the space will see a significant amount of traffic and use. Investing in good quality products for your gym is one of the best ways to get a good return on investment as well as make a great impression on your members.

In addition to having good quality gym equipment and a great ambience, you also need to ensure that the flooring in your gym is able to provide a comfortable and resilient surface for workouts. This is exactly where jigsaw mats come into the picture. We at Ezy Mats are one of the leading suppliers of these mats and cater to both residential as well as commercial customers.

The Benefits of Jigsaw Mats

These products perform extremely well under various conditions and are resilient enough to endure the heavy use that is common and commercial gyms. There are a number of benefits to installing jigsaw mats in your commercial gym such as:

  • Jigsaw mats come in various colours and designs. They look stunning and go a long way in improving the overall ambience of your gym. They lend a very professional and clean appearance to the space which helps attract a greater number of members. This helps increase the profitability of your business.
  • Our mats are extremely comfortable for use. They provide the right amount of cushioning, yet are firm enough to carry out various exercises and activities in a commercial gym.
  • These mats are extremely easy to install as they aren’t affixed to the flooring surface. Their special jigsaw design helps lock the individual units in place. Once the mats have been installed with care, you can rest assured that they will last for a long time with regular maintenance.

For any more information about our jigsaw mats, feel free to call Ezy Mats at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.

Judo founder

Tatami Mats Respected Flooring By Japanese Sensei

The Ezymat Tatami mats are one of our more popular products we can offer. They are high-quality training mats which are high above the quality standard and we guarantee that any dojo or training facility with different programmes and types of training will have no problem using them. It can be also used as standard flooring for your home, it’s not just for dojos!

The mats are praised for their durability and stable texture, but the most important reason (often, the most overlooked) is that the Tatami mat boasts a very prominent status and importance among the ancient Dojo keepers and masters throughout the ages.

With a sacred status and a long-held tradition, the Tatami is one of our most sought after products and it is a high-quality flooring material which guarantees absolute satisfaction. Whether its house flooring you want, or you require if for your dojo, the Ezymats flooring with a tatami finish is all you need.

It is a well-known fact that the Tatami mat has had a cult status throughout the ages. Today, in modern day Japan, there’s not much difference either, and it is valued greatly among the masters of ceremony in Japan today. We have an important duty to explore and examine why the Tatami has the sacred status and is deemed important in Japan’s culture. It has a lush history, from the days when the Tatami was firstly used, through the days when the technique for manufacture was improving, and to the era of the perfect Tatami-weaving technique.

The manufacturing procedure uses up to seven or eight thousand pieces of rush grass to make up a Tatami mat. They are made of a very sturdy woven grass rice texture which was rolled around rice straws as a core. The intricate weaving technique makes sure they are nice and tight, and highly durable.

The big cities like Fukuoka and Hiroshima are known for their vast areas of rush grass, called Igusa. They are the main cities for rush production used for making Tatami mats, and the sped-up industrialization has hastened its production and manufacture greatly.

Tatami mats have been generally used since the 8th century Nara Period. The word “Tatami” is very old and the oldest record of the word usage is in one of the oldest Kojiki books, the ancient history books of Japan. The Heian period around the 9th century until the 1200s is the period when the Tatami mats were generally used, and in the Muromachi period, the Tatami mats became even thicker and more used by the Japanese noblemen.

Things were getting pretty serious around the late Muromachi period during the 16th century. Tatami mats were popping up everywhere, and they covered entire floors with intricate patterns of cut up Tatami mats.

Using odd patterns was regarded as bad luck and ill omen will follow the family if they weren’t placed in a very strict order, as told by the grandmasters and noblemen. One of the Tatami mats which the room consisted of is always half measure, while the others are full measure. The rooms were called “Zashiki”, which meant “spread rooms for sitting”.

Around this era of grand lifestyle, the Shoin-Zukuri style began emerging as a popular and fashionable choice for furniture and architecture, a staple of traditional Japanese furniture arrangement. Paper screens layered with intricate artwork and wooden frames, square wooden pillars, and of course, Tatami mats, finely arranged.

The great masters of the martial arts, throughout the ages, have showed nothing but absolute respect and almost a feeling of worship to the sacred status of the Tatami mat. All of which followed a strict codex and etiquette. The Zen masters always clean and tend to the Tatami mats, always keeping them nice and tidy. But, despite the fallout of the decline of Tatami mats around the 20th century, the noble Tatami flooring is still a part of the Japanese national identity.

Ezymats Tatami mats are available in 40mm thickness and a density of 230kg/cbm, with measures of 1m x 2m surfaces. Our mats are with a Tatami texture and finish, they are not entirely made of Tatami straws but they are made with heavy duty vinyl with an inner compressed sponge and an anti-skid bottom, and they can be separately ordered as 1m x 1m. Our Tatami Mats are perect for dojos and martial arts centres. They can withstand any high-impact activities and sports, and they last for a long time, all thanks to the great durability and material.

We at Ezymats supply EVA foam mats, MMA mats, wall mats, and of course, Tatami mats throughout Australia, and we have warehouses and shops in Sydney and Melbourne. You can always choose the mats which you need the most, and the mats that are most suited for your dojos.

Our Ezymats Tatami mats, are a perfect blend between the old traditional feel and the new modern technological advances which make the texture durable and fine. What’s more, they have a very pleasant smell while the smooth surface ensures no skin burns upon falling impacts.

To sum up, the Ezymats Tatami mats are the essential flooring material for your dojo or martial art centre. Basically, they are known as the fundamental part of the traditional Japanese home, as the home itself is nothing without the comfortable support of the Tatami. They make every home a pleasant abode.

We at Ezymats value the Tatami’s sacred status as an object of great importance and national identity. The durable and high-quality flooring material never fails to impress even the most skeptic of dojo masters. If you are looking for very durable and high-quality Tatami mats, then look no further than the Ezy Mats Tatami.

Jigsaw Mats vs. Standard Exercise Mats

When you run a gym you need to make sure it has all the latest equipment and amenities. That is the one way to ensure you provide a safe environment for the members. Not only will this help improve your reputation, but will also attract more clients to your gym. Jigsaw mats are a very important aspect of a gym and there are a number of reasons to choose these over standard mats such as:

  • ComfortJigsaw mats are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort. They prevent your feet and knees from being subjected to excessive strain. In fact, these mats also provide the right amount of firmness and cushioning for activities like aerobics, martial arts, yoga etc.
  • Stability- These mats also offer good stability. They are firm enough and dense enough so people can balance properly while performing any exercises, which also goes a long way in preventing accidents in the gym.
  • Compactness and ease of installation- Gym mats are very easy to install and they fit in like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The mats don’t require any glue and this means, they are easy to remove in case you need to relocate them and place them elsewhere. Since they are flat, light and stackable, it’s easier to store them in case you need to.
  • Appearance- As a gym owner, you also want your gym to look bright and welcoming. The right kind of flooring becomes a good backdrop for all the equipment and furniture you have in the gym. These mats are available in a range of colors and you can find something that suits your gym’s aesthetic.

For excellent quality jigsaw mats, we are the company to come to. We at Ezy Mats have a large collection of them and you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.

Gym Mats- Some Basic Maintenance Tips

If you have ever used gym mats in your commercial gym or even your home gym you know that they can become dirty and soiled over time. They can soak up moisture, sweat, and dirt, making them unhygienic and more prone to mould and mildew build-up too. We at Ezy Mats always recommend that you maintain the mats well. Not only will this give you or your gym members hygienic and clean surfaces to work out on, but will increase the longevity of the features as well. Here are some simple tips you can follow:

  • Sweep them regularly- Simple sweeping or vacuuming is one of the best ways to remove dust and loose dirt from them.
  • Cleanse with a Neutral pH Cleaner – Once all the surfaces are free of dust, spray some neutral pH cleaner on a large microfiber cloth and use it wipe the mats. This will ensure the mats aren’t impacted by any harsh cleaning agents from commercial cleaners. These cleansers are mild and very effective in removing dirt and stains from your gym mats.

Disinfect well- While removing the dust and stains is important, it’s equally important to use a very good disinfectant. This will help remove the germs too. Ensure you buy a disinfectant that’s specially made for gym mats.

Clean Underneath the mats – Just as you clean the upper surfaces of the mats, you need to make sure that the underside of these features is cleaned well too. Germs and mould will thrive in the dank environment under the mats. Make it a part of the regular cleaning routine to lift the mats and clean underneath well.

We at Ezy Mats have a large collection of them and you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form if you want to know more.

The Brazilian Flag

Lyoto Machida Defeats Vitor Belfont at UFC 224:

In what was a brilliant display of fighting between two veteran Brazilian fighters Lyoto Machida beat Vitor Belfont via TKO in the the second round of their title fight at UFC 224. The win came via head kick by the karate expert which is a signature kick for him. The loss was Belfont’s final fight as he took of his gloves and put them in the centre of the ring as a symbolic gesture. Although it might not end his days on EVA mats in a training capacity, it will surely be his last time in the ring.

Lyoto on the other hand will most likely continue to fight even though he is no spring chicken at the tender age of 39. Lyoto has been a UFC fighter for some years now. He previously fought in the light heavy weight division but dropped down to middle weight for this fight. Lyoto is no stranger to the tatami mats having trained in Shotokan Karate before moving on to sumo, and BJJ amongths other arts. He has a distinctive style which is easily distinguishable from other MMA fighters.

Lyoto’s next fight has not been finalised but he was immediately called out by Michael Bisping following his victory which would make for an interesting match up.


Benefits of EVA Jigsaw Mats

The kind of mats you use for your fitness centre matter a great deal from the viewpoint of functionality and safety. Keeping that in mind, it’s not surprising that EVA jigsaw mats are being used for various purposes. They’re called jigsaw mats because of their interlocking design, a lot like a jigsaw puzzle. Experts at Ezy Mats believe that there are numerous reasons as to why you should opt for these mats.

  • Versatile- Jigsaw mats help reduce the chances of injury due to tripping and falling. This makes them an ideal option for various purposes like gyms, indoor play centres for kids, daycare centres etc.
  • Perfect fit- Take a look at EVA jigsaw mats like the ones we sell; you will notice that they are very well-designed and have good cushioning. The interlocking design ensures that the mats stay in place once installed. Since these mats have anti-slip properties, they become a good option for kids’ playgrounds and fitness centres.
  • No tripping hazard- Due to their interconnecting pattern, the mats stay in place and don’t overlap each other. That means as long as the mats are placed with proper care using the right techniques, they will lie flat against the ground. This helps provide an extremely firm surface to exercise and play on. You don’t need to worry about slipping and tripping over the mats.
  • Aesthetically pleasing- Even though these jigsaw mats are available in monochromatic colours, they are also a variety of lively & bright shades. This gives you the choice to select the type of shapes and designs you need.

In addition to all these benefits the mats are aesthetically appealing, resilient and durable. Regardless of which way you look at it, you will find that EVA interlocking mats are the ideal option for various applications. You don’t need to look elsewhere for excellent quality jigsaw mats. We at Ezy Mats have a large collection of them. To know more, you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form.

Abu Dhabi Pros MMA Mats

Abu Dhabi Pro Use MMA Mats

The Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Youth Championship were held from April 22 and 23 in UAE, while the Abu Dhabi World Professional Championship kicked off on April 24. The event started with a big opening ceremony and was accompanied by the King of Mats competitions. The event continued until April 27 and was followed by the final round of the black and brown belts.  The Abu Dhabi Pros  then came to an end on April 29 with the Abu Dhabi World Award ceremony.

What is interesting to note is that the Abu Dhabi used professional MMA mats. While it was unclear where they were sourced they were absolutely professional mats which would have been great for rolling and general competition. The MMA mats, just like ours, have a smooth surface, which helps eliminate mat burn. This would have been especially welcomed by the participants. Most grappling competitions now use either smooth MMA mats of tatami mats as was evident in this years Judo Championships.

While many of the participant would train on EVA mats (also known as jigsaw puzzle mats) in their home countries they are generally no longer used in competitions like the Abu Dhabi Pros. The Abu Dhabi Pros are one of the largest BJJ competitions in the world. The other choice for many students of BJJ is just general jigsaw mats of exercise mats. Exercise mats are essential for practitioners of BJJ both professional and amateurs. For people aspiring to competitions like the Abu Dhabi Pros it is essential to utilise a good exercise mats when training in the gym.