Floyd Mayweather dominated Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather dominated Logan Paul in exhibition bout

Floyd Mayweather, the legendary undefeated boxer, dominated the so-called Youtube star Logan Paul in their exhibition bout. The fight took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida during a severe storm. The Hard Rock is an open-air stadium which lead to scenes or chaos as officially scrambled to dry the stage between fight.

Logan Paul came out in green and yellow trunks and a Pokemon card around his neck whilst Mayweather entered the ring wearing a mask with a sponsors logo. It was a scrappy fight which was clearly dominated by Mayweather. Logan came out all guns blazing trying to overwhelm the camp but experience prevailed.

In the end Mayweather won the fight even though nobody actually “won” the fight. Under the rule there were no judges and the only path to victory on the mats was through a KO or TKO.

Whilst fans may have been disappointed it is safe to say that both “fighters” were satisfied with their pay days. Even though Floyd Mayweather dominated Logan Paul they were both rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Best Gym Flooring

Best Gym Flooring

Finding good mats for your training area is no simple task. Whether you are decking out your professional gym or home with gym mats it help to know what you are doing. To that end it is even better if you can find a professional to help you find the best gym flooring for your situation. Lot’s of people sell gym mats but do they really know what they are selling? Do they have a passion for the products they have on offer? Whilst I can’t speak for other on that issue on thing is for sure, the people at Ezy Mats are just that kind of people. When it comes to gym flooring we care a lot. I would say way more than others.

Types of Gym Flooring

Whilst there are a variety of gym flooring available it is best to understand the types before you make a decision. Different types of gym mats have their advantages which helps you determine what is best for you. Here are some of those mats which you should know about.

Jigsaw mats are probably the most popular mats when it comes for training. They are use by both professional organisations and home use alike. The main benefit is that they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Considering that they are only one meter square and light weight they are a good choice where convenience is needed. Whats more they are an inexpensive option. You can literally setup a small training area for a couple of hundred dollars. If you are looking at decking out a larger area they are an even more attractive proposition. 

After foam mats (jigsaw mats) the most popular type of gym flooring is tatami mats. Whilst they sound like a traditional type of mat they are made using modern techniques. Tatami mats do come with a tatami finish but they a made using heavy duty vinyl and compressed foam. You will find tatami mats in lots of gyms around the world not just martial arts dojos.

So there you have it. When is comes to knowing more about gym flooring your best bet is to contact professionals. Just like the people at Ezy Mats.

Different Types of BJJ Mats

Different Types of BJJ Mats

Training BJJ or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very intense pursuit. It is a tough sport that can take its tool on your body. With all the throws and rolling around you want to make sure you have a good surface to train on. That is why you need good mats and the good news is you are a few options. In fact there are different types of BJJ mats available to suit any budget and requirements.

Puzzle Mats for BJJ Training

If you are budget conscious and are looking for a good quality mats then you can’t go past puzzle mats. Puzzle mats, also known as jigsaw mats, are great for BJJ training which is why they are so popular. The good thing about them is that they are light weight which is great during installation or it you need to pack them up after use. Puzzle mats come in a variety of colours and thicknesses. They are interconnectable which create a stable floor covering during training. 

Heavy Duty Mats

The different types of BBJ mats also include heavy duty vinyl mats. These mats come in two different types of finished. They include the tatami finish for people wanting a more traditional jiu jitsu mat. Then there are the smooth finish for people wanting to reduce mat burn. Either way both type of mats are great for BJJ training and have proven very popular for professional schools. The mats with the tatami finish are commonly referred to as tatami mats for obvious reasons. The version with a smooth finished are also called MMA mats as they a popular in mixed martial arts training.

So if you are look at Different Types of BJJ Mats then look no further. You have found the right place for all your mats needs.

Home Gyms Need Gym Mats

Even Home Gyms Need Gym Mats

Training In Your Home Gym

These days a lot of training is done at home. Whilst professional gyms will always be part of the equation the need to train more has lead us to train more in a domestic environment. At the gym we have all sorts of protective equipment to keep us safe but what about at home. The truth is that even home gyms need gym mats. The question is what kind to they need.

Home Gyms Need Rubber Mats

If you are doing weight training at home then you definitely need Rubber Mats.  Doing heavy lifting can take its toll on your body so you want to make sure you have flooring which will reduce the fatigue. That is precisely what rubber mats do. They reduce the stress that is placed on your body which is something you need if you want to training longer.

It is not only your body that feels the stress when you are doing weight training. Your floor also feels the effect. If you have a nice concrete or timber floor you don’t want to be throwing your heavy weight on them. You need something do to come between and that is rubber mats. Rubber flooring of some sort is the only way to reduce the damage to your beloved floor.

Home Training and Gymnastics Mats

When it comes to gymnastic it is usually a pursuit for kids. I walk past the local gymnastic academy and it is packed with kids. There might be a few adults in the evening but not many. It is probably the reason why we get looks of parent buying gymnastic mats for their kids. To get good at gymnastics you need to train at home so you need something to train on.

Whilst the most popular choice is roll out gymnastics mats they are not the only ones in demand. People of have a smaller area might chose the foldable mats which are good for tumbling etc. Others how have a larger area to deck out might pick jigsaw mats. They come in different thicknesses which means they can be tailored to the impact level of the activity. Either way some form of gymnastics mats are essential.

All The Other Stuff We Do

The other reason even home gyms need gym mats is for all the other stuff we do at home. For those activities we simply need puzzle mats.  With puzzle mats you pretty much got everything else covered. There are lots of other thinks people do to keep fit. Every thing from cross-fit training to martial arts. For all those things puzzle mats are the ideal choice.

So there you have it. I said it before and I will say it again. If you want to train at home make sure you get yourself some gym mats. There is a mat for every occasion.

Interlocking Versus Non-Slip Bottom

Interlocking Versus Non-Slip Bottom

Interlocking Puzzle Mats Versus Non-Slip Bottom Tatami Mats

When it comes to decking out your gym it can sometimes be hard to decide which are the best. There are so many option out there that it can be confusing. Even when you nail it down to just two options, like puzzle mats and tatami mats, it still requires some thinking. Whilst opinions may vary regarding Interlocking Versus Non-Slip Bottom mats there are some truths that need to be considered before making a choice.

Interlocking Mats And Their Benefits

The two main options when buying gym mats is interlocking mats and non-interlocking mats. The main kind of interlocking mats is Puzzle Mats. With puzzle mats you have the advantage of the mats being able to interconnect with on another. This is great because once you lay you mats together you don’t have to worry about them coming apart.

When you are training there is nothing more annoying than having to stop and readjust your mats. Also you run the risk of getting you toe stuck between the mats which in itself can be dangerous. So having puzzle mats generally eliminates those issues. This is a great time saving feature which is why they are so popular.

What About Non-Slip Bottom Tatami Mats

Another great option in reducing the need for readjusting mats during training is having Tatami Mats.  With these mats you have a rubber non-slip bottom which helps prevent movement during training. Now if might not eliminate it entirely, depending on the surface below, but it will reduce it greatly.

It wasn’t the case that Tatami Mats always had a non-slip bottom. In the beginning that were just two sided mats like the ones you see in school gymnasiums. The invocation of putting the non-slip bottom on tatami mats came later. Now it is almost universal on these kinds of mats including MMA Mats.

So there you have it. Hopefully enough of your questions have been answered when making the choice between puzzle mats and tatami mats.

Black MMA Mats

All You Need For MMA

Sometimes when you undertake an activity it is difficult to find all the things your need to enjoy your pursuit. Take MMA for example. Yes it might be a popular sport but it is not as mainstream as other which might make it hard to find all you need for MMA sometimes. Luckily for you that doesn’t need to be the case.

Ezy Mats Has All You Need For MMA Right Here

That’s absolutely right! At Ezy Mats you will indeed find most if not all you need to fulfil your training needs. We stock absolutely everything from training mats to MMA gear and weights. All you need to do it look.

MMA Mats

When it comes to MMA mats you can beat us. Some other supplier might have this mat or that. We have them all. Apart from the most extensive range of jigsaw mats on the market, we also stock everything from tatami mats, smooth tatami mats and wall mats. All of which are essential for training mixed martial arts. Where you are setting up a professional gym or just want to desk out your garage you can’t go wrong.

MMA Gear

We like to think of ourselves as the leading supplier of gym mats in the Australian market. With so many people coming to us for mats it is inevitable that they will ask about other essential training gear. That is why we offer a range of grappling dummies and bags.  If you are looking to find well prices training gear you have come to the right place.

All You Need For MMA

Jigsaw Mats vs. Standard Exercise Mats

Crash Mats For High Impact Training

High impact training involves intense bursts of activity, in which both feet are off the ground at the same time. This training is especially helpful if you are thinking about cardio workouts, martial arts and other sports activities. The amount of impact of your exercises can have a huge effect on how many calories you burn and how strong your bones are.

If you are interested in doing high impact training, you may want to consider the equipment used. Any move in HIT (High Impact Training) takes time and skill to learn well. Even professionals may still get it wrong infrequently. For this reason, you need crash mats to break your fall and keep you safe.

Crash Mats For High Impact Training


Judo training gives practical self defense, teaches humility and perseverance and develops mental toughness. This high impact training involves throws, takedowns, pinning and holding techniques.

Judo movements will be more effective when done on crash mats. These mats are manufactured using synthetic rubber, EVA, anti-slippery, high-quality covers and high density soft core foam. Thus, crash mats will allow practitioners to practice throws and take-downs.


Gymnastics is a fun sport that can improve strength, balance and body control. In a nutshell, it develops both the body and mind.

Gymnastic crash mats provide maximum shock absorption to keep the gymnast safe while performing fitness routines. The crash mats are designed with sponge core foam padding to protect the knees, wrists, elbows and back. The thickness of this mat is crucial to its performance. Many advanced gymnasts use crash mats to practice front and standing back tucks.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is a hybrid combat sport that includes jujitsu, boxing karate, Muay Thai, wrestling and other disciplines. It will improve your confidence, discipline, level of preparedness and level of fitness.

Our MMA training crash mats are designed with high quality polyurethane solid foam core and heavy-duty fabric, which are suitable in practicing landing during falls or throws. In addition, these mats provide impact protection and durability needed for intense training, grappling and self defense classes.

Police and Army Training

A police officer or a member of the military can benefit from performance training. This training focuses on boosting strength, cardiovascular and flexibility. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to learn essential skills that build discipline, time management, teamwork, determination and leadership.

Training mats are important tools in this type of training to create realistic simulations in a safe and protective environment. Crash mats create safe landings and safety factor for police and army training. Law enforcement officers use them for developing their techniques for physical combat without any risk of fall injuries. The mats are made from custom-formulated polyurethane foam to provide long-lasting performance.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are rolling, tumbling, jumping or just resting, the crash mats are always the suitable place to land. Day to day high impact training becomes smoother and effective, with less impact on bones and muscles. Younger bodies need a softer landing surface for takedowns. For older adults, crash pads offer safety cushion for bones, joints and muscles.

Crash Mat 1.8m X 1.2m X 60cm

Foam Workout Mats

Keep Fit During Winter

It has been a long summer so we have all had a lot of time to enjoy the great outdoors and keep fit. Even with the pandemic raging people were still able to go outside and go for a run. Now that it is colder we will need to confine ourselves indoors more. So the question is how do we keep fit during winter.

Fitness Mats Help You Train Longer

It is a scientifically proven fact (probably) that if you have Fitness Mats you will be able to train longer and harder with out sustaining injury. In fact having good fitness mats is the corner stone of any good fitness regime. If you look at all the great athlete and athletic teams you will see that they all have excellent facilities with top notch fitness mats.

Exercise Doesn’t Need to Be Daunting.

Sometimes people think that if you are going to keep fit that you have to take your body to the extreme. That could not be further from the truth. There are ways to stay fit and health whilst doing exercise without ruining your body. The best think to do it to moderate your train. Do what you can and build it up over time. Having Exercise Mats also helps a lot.

When it comes to exercise mats your do have options. You can always opt for our  Workout Mats which are a popular option. The good think about the workout mats is that you can hand them up when you are finished. That way you can get your workout mats out of the way when you are no using them.

A More Permanent Solution For Fitness Mats

A more permanent solutions to keep fit during winter is to get some Rubber Mats in your home or training area. Rubber mats are the kind that you lay on the floor and leave them there. They are relatively heavy so you would not want to be pulling up your rubber mats after every training session. Also they are the kind of mats that you would put heavy equipment on some that would make it even more unlikely that you would remove them.

Keep Fit During Winter

Green Yoga Mats

Staying Comfortable During Training

Training is very important in many peoples lives. It helps them stay fit and healthy. It contributes to their mental well being. There are so may aspect of fitness training which are positive to a persons life. Another think which is important is the stay comfortable during training. Here are the number one gym mats you can use to help you achieve that goal.

Why staying comfortable during training is so important

Training can really take a toll on the body. The constant jumping up and down can start to cause fatigue and impacts the joints and muscles. That is why it is important to have good mats to train on. A good mat will help you train longer and sustain less injuries. Here are some the the exercises and the corresponding mats which can help you train longer.

Puzzle mats for most exercises

If there is a mats which is versatile and can be used for the largest amount of activities it is puzzle mats. Puzzle mats are not only inexpensive but they are excellent when trying o cover a larger area. No matter how large an area you want to cover puzzle mats will meet your needs. It probably explains why they have so many applications and are used in so many fields. Whether you have attended an aerobics classes or do karate chances are you have trained on puzzle mats.

The greatest think about puzzle mats, also know as jigsaw puzzle mats, is that they also come in difference thicknesses. So if you do a higher impact activity you can use a thicker mats. If it is not so high impact a thinner mat will suffice. They also come in different colour options. That would also explain their longevity in the mats market.

Doing individual training

A person doesn’t always need to deck out an entire area to train. Take yoga mats for example. Although they are called yoga mats they are also good for other types of training. They can be used for pilates and other types of training where a single mat is all that someone needs. Yoga mats are also available in different thickness to suit a persons comfort level requirements. There are also different material available depending on a persons preference. There are:

  • EVA mats
  • PVC mats
  • TPE Mats
  • NBR Mats

All of which come in different colours to boot!

High impact training with a thud!

Finally you have the kind of mats a person needs when they are going to hit the floor with a thud. Think high jumping or something like judo. The constant hitting of the ground is something that requires more than just your standard kind of training mats. In this instance what you need is a crash mat. Crash mats are a godsend to people that train activities like these.

Crash mats also come in different thickness depending on the impact of the activity. Generally they start from 10cm thick and go to anywhere up to 40cm and beyond. Although there are many standard thicknesses it is not uncommon for a person to seek out thicker custom made options.

So there you have it. If there is an activity or sport that you do chances are there is a mat that will suit your needs.

Comfortable During Training

Comfortable During Training

UFC 264

Conor McGregor to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 264

Conor McGregor is set to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. The fight will mark the third time the two have fought one another. It will be their trilogy fight which is always an exciting event to watch. Although the fight will not be a title fight it is sure to attract a lot of interest from fans.

So far the score is 1-1 between the men. I am sure they have spent hours on their puzzle mats working out and getting ready for this fight. Everyone knows that when you are getting ready for a fight of this magnitude that you need some good quality puzzle mats to get you over the line.

Even though this UFC 264 bout is not a title fight I am sure it will be an exciting one. Both men are seasoned professionals who leave nothing on the mat. That is the test of a true champion in my opinion. You have to go all or nothing and these two fighters certainly follow that philosophy.

Whilst I say that puzzle mats are the way to go when it comes to preparing for a title fight like this one there is also the option of tatami mats. Luckily in Australia when have both options when it comes to hardcore training.


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