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The Brazilian Flag

Lyoto Machida Defeats Vitor Belfont at UFC 224:

In what was a brilliant display of fighting between two veteran Brazilian fighters Lyoto Machida beat Vitor Belfont via TKO in the the second round of their title fight at UFC 224. The win came via head kick by the karate expert which is a signature kick for him. The loss was Belfont’s final fight as he took of his gloves and put them in the centre of the ring as a symbolic gesture. Although it might not end his days on EVA mats in a training capacity, it will surely be his last time in the ring.

Lyoto on the other hand will most likely continue to fight even though he is no spring chicken at the tender age of 39. Lyoto has been a UFC fighter for some years now. He previously fought in the light heavy weight division but dropped down to middle weight for this fight. Lyoto is no stranger to the tatami mats having trained in Shotokan Karate before moving on to sumo, and BJJ amongths other arts. He has a distinctive style which is easily distinguishable from other MMA fighters.

Lyoto’s next fight has not been finalised but he was immediately called out by Michael Bisping following his victory which would make for an interesting match up.


Benefits of EVA Jigsaw Mats

The kind of mats you use for your fitness centre matter a great deal from the viewpoint of functionality and safety. Keeping that in mind, it’s not surprising that EVA jigsaw mats are being used for various purposes. They’re called jigsaw mats because of their interlocking design, a lot like a jigsaw puzzle. Experts at Ezy Mats believe that there are numerous reasons as to why you should opt for these mats.

  • Versatile- Jigsaw mats help reduce the chances of injury due to tripping and falling. This makes them an ideal option for various purposes like gyms, indoor play centres for kids, daycare centres etc.
  • Perfect fit- Take a look at EVA jigsaw mats like the ones we sell; you will notice that they are very well-designed and have good cushioning. The interlocking design ensures that the mats stay in place once installed. Since these mats have anti-slip properties, they become a good option for kids’ playgrounds and fitness centres.
  • No tripping hazard- Due to their interconnecting pattern, the mats stay in place and don’t overlap each other. That means as long as the mats are placed with proper care using the right techniques, they will lie flat against the ground. This helps provide an extremely firm surface to exercise and play on. You don’t need to worry about slipping and tripping over the mats.
  • Aesthetically pleasing- Even though these jigsaw mats are available in monochromatic colours, they are also a variety of lively & bright shades. This gives you the choice to select the type of shapes and designs you need.

In addition to all these benefits the mats are aesthetically appealing, resilient and durable. Regardless of which way you look at it, you will find that EVA interlocking mats are the ideal option for various applications. You don’t need to look elsewhere for excellent quality jigsaw mats. We at Ezy Mats have a large collection of them. To know more, you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form.

Abu Dhabi Pros MMA Mats

Abu Dhabi Pro Use MMA Mats

The Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Youth Championship were held from April 22 and 23 in UAE, while the Abu Dhabi World Professional Championship kicked off on April 24. The event started with a big opening ceremony and was accompanied by the King of Mats competitions. The event continued until April 27 and was followed by the final round of the black and brown belts.  The Abu Dhabi Pros  then came to an end on April 29 with the Abu Dhabi World Award ceremony.

What is interesting to note is that the Abu Dhabi used professional MMA mats. While it was unclear where they were sourced they were absolutely professional mats which would have been great for rolling and general competition. The MMA mats, just like ours, have a smooth surface, which helps eliminate mat burn. This would have been especially welcomed by the participants. Most grappling competitions now use either smooth MMA mats of tatami mats as was evident in this years Judo Championships.

While many of the participant would train on EVA mats (also known as jigsaw puzzle mats) in their home countries they are generally no longer used in competitions like the Abu Dhabi Pros. The Abu Dhabi Pros are one of the largest BJJ competitions in the world. The other choice for many students of BJJ is just general jigsaw mats of exercise mats. Exercise mats are essential for practitioners of BJJ both professional and amateurs. For people aspiring to competitions like the Abu Dhabi Pros it is essential to utilise a good exercise mats when training in the gym.

World-Wide jigsaw mats shipping

New Shipment Arrives in Melbourne

We have a new shipment arriving in Melbourne. The shipment consists of jigsaw mats. We had a 40′ container arrive today with jigsaw puzzle mats which had:

  • 300 x black/grey 40mm jigsaw mats
  • 300 x red/blue 40mm jigsaw mats
  • 300 x  black/red 40mm jigsaw mats
  • 150 x blue wall mats

We also have a container arriving on Monday which will consist of:

  • 500 x black/red 20mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 810 x red/blue 20mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 425 x red/black 30mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 500 x red/blue 30mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 100 x black/grey 30mm jigsaw puzzle mats

All the mats will be available for sale from Tuesday when they will have been unloaded and sorted in the warehouse. It is important for us to stock take the mats and to stack them so that they are easy to identify  when arranging them for delivery.  Our jigsaw gym mats are in high demand so be sure to reserve your mats.

Why it’s a good Idea to Use Gym Mats

If you want to be sure that the flooring your gym members workout on is comfortable and resilient, it’s a good idea to opt for gym mats. These floor coverings are both attractive and safe, which make them an excellent choice for your gym.

Pros of rubber gym mats

There are numerous reasons why having this flooring is a good choice for your fitness centre or gym. The experts at Ezy Mats have created this list; that will help you make a smarter purchase decision about the mats you should buy:

  • Safety: This is one of the most important aspects when choosing gym mats. The flooring helps minimise damage to the joints while working out. Different forms of exercises and aerobic exercises involve considerable amounts of activity and jumping. Having a well cushioned mat helps reduce the impact to your joints.
  • Versatility- Eva is a very flexible material; manufacturing companies make sure that the flooring should be durable and attractive. These factors make it the ultimate choice for your gym flooring. This material is shock absorbent and anti-static which reduces the sound of the equipment while working out. Such qualities make it a favourable material for your fitness centres.
  • Durability & malleability– The mats are anti-slip, long lasting and soft, making it an ideal buy for any gym or fitness centre owner. The material doesn’t wear out easily, and you don’t need to be worried about replacing them very often.
  • Shock absorbency– Weight training areas in fitness centres have heavy workout machines, barbells, plates etc. it is very normal for gym members to drop equipment while working out. In situations such as these, having this flooring in your gym is a boon. It will help protect the person who is working out and avoid any kind of damage to your gym floor.

We provide great quality gym mats & and installation services. When you choose our products and services, you’re assured of getting the highest quality products and the best services at the most reasonable pricing. We at Ezy Mats have a large collection of them. To know more, you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or contact us through this form.

Wall Mats and wall padding

New Shipment of Wall Mats in Melbourne

Ezymats has just received a new shipment of wall mats in our Melbourne warehouse. We have new stock of blue wall mats which are now available for purchase. If you require wall mats the place your order now as they are unlikely to last. Demand for wall mats is high and Ezymats is one of the only supplier to have them in stock.

Wall mats are also referred to as wall padding. This is a logical term to use as they pad the wall. Hence there other name which is wall pad. Therefore they are called:

  • Wall Pad
  • Wall Padding
  • Wall Mats

Our wall pads consist of:

  • timber backing
  • compresses inner foam
  • vinyl cover

They are easy to install and have a lip on either end so that they can be attached to the wall. Wall padding is a great way to make your training area safer. People often think about protecting against impact with the floor but neglect to think about the walls. Training participants are just as likely to bump into walls as they are fall so it is an important thing to take into consideration.

Wall padding can also improve the look of your training area. They offer a consistent colour all around the walls and also make your training area, school or dojo look more professional. Also students will appreciate the fact that you take safety seriously. You can also print your logo on the wall pads for added impact.

So if you are looking at installing wall pads then look no further. As well as stock items we can also special order mats if you require a specific colour.

Other mats that we have available include:

  • EVA Mats
  • Tatami Mats
  • MMA Mats

Contact Ezymats for your next fit out.




Conor McGregor is a Goose

Conor McGegor in Trouble Over Alleged Assault

UFC champion and boxer Conor McGregor is in trouble over and apparent assault of a bus and fellow UFC fighters. News outlets first reported the incident at a Brooklyn Hotel last week where Conor and some other guys are accused of the attach. The incident must of be serious because McGregor later appeared in court over the incident. The UFC representative also expressed concern over the incident.

It is now questionable when Conor will return to the UFC. Apparently he had been negotiating a return to the MMA mats. What is sure is that he will need to spend more time training on him wrestling mats. It is certain to be of concern as one would have thought that he would be eager to return to the Octagon to make some more money. This delay and any court case is sure to be a costly exercise.

I guess the lesson to be learn here is that it is much better to spend your time on the training foam mats then it is mucking around with your friends. None the less he will certainly learn from his mistakes as he is presumably an adult with the capacity to learn.

Anyway we are all awaiting the conclusion of this fiasco as it will be interesting to see if Conor gets convicted (which could seriously effect his career) and whether the people he allegedly injured take him to the cleaner. With reports he make $100 Million from his fight with Mayweather he certainly has a lot to lose.


grey tatami mats for judo training

Nine Facts About Traditional Tatami Mats

Ezymats sell modern tatami mats which are mainly used for judo and other martial arts training. They are made from vinyl and compressed foam. But did you know they were inspired by traditional Japanese tatami mats. If you are interested in traditional tatami mats below if some information.

Ezymats value the importance of a high quality traditional Tatami mat. They are the almighty flooring material, which no traditional Japanese home goes without. These mats are highly sought after in traditional homes and by interior designers. Tatami mats are the woven rush grass and cloth around a rice straw, and are very gentle underfoot. Now we will analyse 10 facts about the Tatami mats, do’s and don’ts, and their practical use in everyday life.


  1. Sitting on Tatami mats is strictly Seiza or cross-legged.

In the traditional Japanese way, appealing to the etiquette, Seiza (正座) is the proper way to sit on the Tatami mat. Cross-legged sitting is much more free and casual, as opposed to the traditional way of the Seiza. Seiza sitting is practically bending your legs and sitting on them, with the feet crossed under.


  1. Washitsu, the traditional Japanese room, is nothing without Tatami mat flooring.

The Tatami material is made out of rush and cloth, and when they grow older, the tatami turns from green to yellow. The cloth covers the woven ends and it is very soft underfoot. The traditional Japanese room uses Tatami mats for its standard flooring.


  1. Up to 7000 rush pieces are used to make Tatami flooring.

Cities like Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Kouchi are known for their vast quantity and manufacture of rush grass, or Igusa, as the Japanese call it. Machines in these highly industrialized cities make the weaving process a breeze.


  1. Generally, there are four Tatami sizes.

Tatami mats are made especially to fit the room size, and they are always made in the 2:1 ratio. Additionally, there are four popular sizes; Chuukyouma, Kyouma, Edoma, and Danchima.


  1. The Tatami mats are made of three parts.

The Doko is the inside part of the Tatami. In the ancient ways, the inside was filled with rice straw. This made way for bug problems and it wasn’t very comfortable above all. The modern Tatami changed this to compressed wood chips or even styrene foam. The Tatami Omote is the surface of the Tatami, made out of woven dried rush. Hemp or cotton is used as weaving warp. The Tatami Fuchi is the edge of the Tatami mat. The Fuchi utilizes a wrapped clothing around the end of the Tatami mat to hide the ends of the woven area for aesthetic purpose.


  1. Oki Tatami are mats specifically used for houses with Western aesthetic rooms.

These types of Tatami mats are called either Unit Tatami or Oki Tatami, and they’re rectangular in shape and are used in households that have westernized rooms with hardwood floors.


  1. There are also Tatami mats especially made for martial arts such as Judo.

Called Judo Tatami, these mats don’t use rush grass, but polymer sheet with a rough surface. The special surface makes sure that the mat doesn’t get dusty or cause skin burns during falls. These are the kind of mats that Ezymats supply to organisational around Australia.


  1. Cleaning the Tatami mats is pretty easy.

The cleaning can be done by vacuuming, with a piece of cloth, or with specialized floor mops. For a more thorough cleaning, a dry cloth piece would make the Tatami mat shine. Remember to clean in the same direction the rush is woven in, to avoid any damages.


  1. Rule #1: Never stand on Tatami mats with your shoes on.

In order to fully respect the ancient customs, one must remove their shoes when entering a Tatami room. Shoes are an absolute faux pas when etiquette is in order, as they do not show a tidy respect to the atmosphere of the Tatami, not to mention that they might damage the woven rush.


Some of the rules apply to modern tatami mats as well. 

interlocking eva jigsaw mats

Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

Donald Trump’s recent moves with tariffs and trade barriers have had a remarkable effect on the US dollars value against other currency. This has been accompanied with severely fluctuating equity markets which have been spoked by the prospect of a trade war with China and America’s other trading partners. All of this has had an effect on USD / RMB exchange rate with the Chinese currency climbing against the USD. 

When the USD loses value against the Chinese currency it inevitably leads to a rise in manufactured goods as they become costlier in USD value. Fortunately the USD / AUD exchange rate hasn’t fluctuated so much so that the rise in imported goods from China have not risen so much. The same can be said about EVA foam mats which have also been effected by recent market fluctuations. Although Ezymats have been able to absorb some of the price rises there has been an effect on the price of 40mm EVA foam mats.

There is a likelihood that the recent moves by the Trump administration is just a bargaining plow designed to extract better trade deals for the USA. If that is the case then it is hoped that the currency fluctuations and general market fluctuations will settle down and the effect on EVA foam mat pricing with be limited.


Donald Trump Trade War with China and Jigsaw Mats

Donald Trump’s Trade War With China Effect on Jigsaw Mats

Probably everyone has heard about Donald Trumps new tariffs against steel and now a whole range of goods worth $60 Billion against China. This is a trade conflict which has been brewing for some time now. Indeed Donald Trump was very vocal about his intention to fight China in trade and their perceived protection of their own industries. Now he has spoken with a whole range of tariffs and indeed China has reciprocated with its own.

Whilst the tariffs are only on Chinese goods entering the United States of America they are going to have a profound effect of global trade and pricing. China is a large purchaser of commodities from a range of countries including Australia. Any disruption to the supply chain can have a domino effect. So for example if China no longer needs as many such commodities then it may exert downward pressure on their prices. Similarly a cut in their own production might push prices higher for others.

How this will effect jigsaw mats remains to be seen. Jigsaw mats are manufactured from EVA which is a petroleum by-product. Therefore any movement in petroleum based products can have an effect on pricing. But on the other hand if Chinese access becomes to the US market becomes limited there may be excess supply of jigsaw puzzle mats which could push prices lower for the rest of the world. So as you can see the effect that Donald Trump’s new protectionist policies have on global jigsaw mat pricing is varied.

The same can be said about all types of gym mats. With the exception of some mats, like Zebra Mats which are manufactured in Germany, and other specialist mats, most gym mats are manufactured in China these days. Indeed most low cost products are manufactured in China or other countries in Asian. So if there is a disruption to the markets then one would expect an effect on the pricing of such products. What effect they will have we will have to wait and see.