Australia’s Trade Deficit Narrows

Australia’s Trade Deficit Narrows

Australia’s trade deficit narrowed from last month’s all time record of $3.89bn to $2.21bn. It was worse than forecast and remains well above recent trend. Imports dropped 4% and exports climbed 1%. This supports Glenn Stevens’ assertion that we have weak terms of trade with the AUD uncomfortably high. AUDUSD lost 0.22%

Considering how many eva foam mats we sell it is not surprising that the trade deficit persists. Hopefully in the future we will be able to manufacturer then in Australia. On a positive not thought the raw material for EVA foam jigsaw mats originate in Australia. So taking into account that China supplies the world with foam mats that would more then off-set the volume of finished product entering our country.

Ezymats is a leading supplier of EVA foam jigsaw mats in Australia with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney.

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